With the future of the mainline series up in the air, 1883 star Sam Elliott exposes his own pitch for a brand-new Yellowstone prequel program. Elliott starred in the very first Yellowstone prequel as Shea Brennan, a previous Union Army Captain hesitantly leading the wagon train exploration to Oregon, all while attempting to grieve the loss of his other half and child from smallpox. After enduring extreme weather and numerous opposing risks throughout their journey, 1883 saw Shea take his own life in the series ending, though this might not be completion for the character.

During a current interview with Variety, Sam Elliott reviewed his time dealing with Paramount+’s 1883 When inquired about his prospective return in the future, the Shea star exposed his own pitch for a brand-new Yellowstone prequel program, thinking about checking out more of his and Thomas’ backstory and vibrant from the years prior to the start of 1883 See what Elliott stated of his pitch below:

I believe everyone was unfortunate to see it over; I understand I was. I would have liked to have that wagon train go to Canada already and simply stick with it. My idea was, ‘Let’ s do a prequel of this. Where was LaMonica? Where were those 2 men? Pick it up after the war, when they werePinkertons There’s lots of things to do.

Could A Shea & & Thomas Yellowstone Prequel Happen?

Sam Elliott and LaMonica Garrett in 1883

Shea and Thomas’ relationship showed to be among the primary drivers for the whole of 1883, with the latter getting here on his partner’s doorstep in the nick of time to avoid him from dedicating suicide following the deaths of his other half and child, and hence getting him on the exploration. The remainder of the Yellowstone prequel program provided some insight into their particular pasts, consisting of Thomas being a previous servant who left after his owner passed away and signed up with the Union Army, where he would initially fulfill Shea.

Given the delicate nature of the Civil War itself, it appears not likely Taylor Sheridan and the Yellowstone imaginative group would choose to adjust Shea and Thomas’ time together throughout the war in a future program, though it does not indicate they can’t have their backstories broadened upon. As kept in mind by Elliott, there is an abundant decade-plus of backstory to check out for the duo’s time in thePinkerton Detective Agency Though it would be a departure from the Dutton- focused nature of the Yellowstone franchise, it would show a fresh method to keep it feeling fresh.

The other significant aspect benefiting the capacity for Elliott’s pitch of a brand-new Yellowstone prequel program is the chaos surrounding the Kevin Costner- ledseries With reports of the star’s recording disputes possibly thwarting the series, Paramount Global are trying to find other courses to keep their effective franchise alive, consisting of a Matthew McConaughey-led spinoff, the Harrison Ford- led 1923, which has actually currently made a season 2 renewal, a 1944-set series and the 1883 spinoff fixatedDavid Oyelowo’s Bass Reeves Given the initially purchased 1883 season 2 discovered itself ditched, Sheridan and Elliott might have the ability to head back to the Old West in a various capability with the latter’s concept.

Source: Variety