Spoilers for 1923 episode 7 below!

Aminah Nieves just recently detailed recording Teonna Rainwater’s harsh native injury scenes in 1923 Nieves stars as Teonna in the Paramount+ western drama, a prequel spinoff to Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone program. Early in the series, Teonna was registered at an American Indian boarding school where Catholic nuns pressed her to rid herself of her native culture. As an outcome of her defiant nature, pressing back versus the harsh system, the school’s professors consistently beat Teonna into submission. Reaching her snapping point, Teonna eliminates 2 of the most vicious nuns and leaves into the night.

Speaking with Deadline, Nieves talked about recording the Yellowstone prequel series’ harsh scenes at the American Indian boarding schools. When inquired about any worries prior to participating in the scenes, the 1923 star discussed that she felt the psychological weight of the work and the care she needed to honor her forefathers. Read what Nieves stated below:

We did 5 scenes for the audition from the very first 3 episodes. They were heavy, heavy scenes. It was actually difficult to move through, due to the fact that you feel whatever. I understood it wasn’t simply going to be me feeling it. I understood that there were gon na be forefathers streaming through me. That’s precisely what took place when I got to set. I seemed like in some cases, I wasn’t even in control of my body, you understand? It seemed like, ‘Aminah, someone else is here. Let them take over for a second.’ I was terrified a lot. I wished to make certain I was honoring each and every single human, each and every single relative, my grandparents, my aunties, my mama, my daddy and after that all of the neighborhoods. I’m so pleased that I’m here and doing it and being a voice.

What to Expect for Teonna in 1923 Season 1 Finale

1923 season 1 episode 7 Teonna Rainwater played by Aminah Nieves wearing a hat

As with the bulk of the characters in 1923, Teonna has actually been executed both physical and psychological abuse. Instead of fighting over land and income, she combats not just for her life, however likewise for her cultural identity. After eliminating the incredibly harsh Sister Mary (Jennifer Ehle) and Sister Alice (Kerry O’Malley), Teonna goes on the go to get away the rage of Father Renaud (Sebastian Roch é), the headmaster of the American Indian boarding school.

Teonna encounters Hank (Michael Greyeyes), a Crow sheepherder who keeps her concealed from Renaud’s guys. 1923 episode 7 sees the Catholic priests reach Teonna, beating her and killingHank Although Teonna and Hank handle to eliminate the guys, she is as soon as again left alone to look after herself with federal government guys still on the search. Teonna should rapidly deal with the dead bodies and assemble as numerous products as she can previously making her method to her dad, Runs His Horse (Michael Spears).

After discovering his mom eliminated by federal government representatives and Hank’s child, Pete Plenty Clouds, bound and almost eliminated by a priest, Runs His Horse ends up being increasingly identified to find his child. As 1923 episode 7 revealed, Runs His Horse is callous and undeviating in his actions, comparable to his child. Instead of instantly getting away far, possibly to Mexico, Runs His Horse, Teonna, and Pete Plenty Clouds might turn their sights on the American Indian boarding school for retribution when 1923 returns for the ending.

Source: Deadline