This post consists of spoilers from 1923. 1923 star Michelle Randolph deals with the possibility of Elizabeth being connected to Yellowstone‘s John Dutton (Kevin Costner). Created by Taylor Sheridan, the prequel series checks out another generation of the Dutton household and the problems impacting the Montana state and the future of their cattle ranch throughout the early 20th century. Randolph depicts Elizabeth Strafford, who endured getting shot by Banner (Jerome Flynn) and the sheepherders, and whose love with Jack (Darren Mann) was evaluated throughout the program’s very first episodes. After selecting to stick with the Duttons, regardless of her mom’s dreams, she exchanged swears with Jack and exposed her pregnancy.

Given the connections developed in between characters in the Yellowstone franchise, there are theories recommending that Elizabeth might be the granny of contemporaryJohn Dutton In a current interview with THR, Randolph was inquired about the possibility, however the starlet exposed that she does not understand anything. Read Randolph’s remarks concerning Elizabeth and John’s relationship below:

No, unfortunately. We all go back and forth on what we think is going to happen, but Taylor likes to keep us on our toes. So we’re just as confused as everyone else.

Dutton Ancestry In Yellowstone Prequels Explained

elizabeth strafford and her mother riding a carriage in 1923

The Duttons’ family tree, when it concerns the Yellowstone Ranch, was traced even more back throughout the very first prequel, 1883 Following the household’s ultimate settlement in Montana, the minimal series presented James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret (Faith Hill), who travelled West searching for land. It likewise included their kids, Elsa (Isabel May), who passed away in the last episode, andJohn Dutton Sr (Audie Rick), who returned as an adult in 1923 prior to getting eliminated by the very same guys who injuredElizabeth The character of Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) is the youngest of James and Margaret’s kids and invests most of 1923 far from Montana.

In 1923, it was exposed that Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford), the sibling of James, had actually looked after his 2 nephews, together with his spouse Cara (Helen Mirren), at the cattle ranch. The death ofJohn Dutton Sr (James Badge Dale) added to a great deal of the concerns surrounding Kevin Costner’s character, and early in the series, Jack was informed that he would run the cattle ranch one day. Because of Elizabeth’s pregnancy news, and the name of Jack’s daddy, it is thought that the 2 of them are the grandparents of Yellowstone‘s John.

While some theories likewise recommend Spencer and Alex (Julia Schlaepfer) as possible kinspeople, all indications appear to point at Jack and Elizabeth being straight associated to contemporaryJohn Dutton With a number of episodes left, and a season 2 verification, it will raise a concern about how they choose to call their kid after Jack’s daddy, ought to it be a young boy. John Dutton II was currently displayed in Yellowstone, and if Jack’s household acquires the cattle ranch, it will bring the program cycle. For now, 1923 will continue to follow what occurs with Elizabeth and Jack and see things turn out for the remainder of the Duttons.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter