1923 star Brandon Sklenar exposes that he shot the most difficult scene of his profession on the Yellowstone prequel spinoffseries Sklenar stars as Spencer Dutton, the youngest child of 1883 primary characters, James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill), who resides in Africa as a hunter following his trip in World War I. During a whirlwind love with British socialite Alexandra “Alex” (Julia Schlaepfer), he finds out of an attack on his household by upset ranchers, leaving his sibling dead and his uncle seriously injured. This awful news rejects Spencer and Alex’s desperate effort to get to Montana.

While on The Official Yellowstone Podcast Sklenar shared what he thought about is the most difficult scene he ever needed to movie in his profession. During 1923 episode 6, Spencer and Alex book passage on a tugboat to theSuez Canal Unfortunately, the ship’s captain passes away throughout his watch and the vessel is capsized by a ghost ship, leaving the couple stranded in the sea. Sklenar confessed that the quantity of swimming in the episode was physically tiring, calling it “one of the toughest things” he’s ever needed to provide for a production. Read what the star needed to state below:

“Episode 6, all the swimming — man, that was tough. That was definitely the toughest thing I’ve done on a project hands down. I mean one of the toughest things I’ve done in general. I’m in pretty decent shape and we swam a lot going into to that and it was hard because the water was cold and it was pretty chilly outside and what ends up being in the show is a few minutes but we did that for four days.”

What to Expect for Spencer in 1923 Season 1 Finale

1923 season 1 episode 7 Alex Spencer looking over shoulder

Prior to the tugboat capsizing and the hard swimming scene, Spencer handled to send a distress signal. The S.S. Lambridge got the mayday and had the ability to reach the 2 prior to they caught the aspects. After dealing with particular death several times within the previous couple of months, Spencer and Alex consent to have the Lambridge’s captain wed them on the ship.

Episode 7 sees the newlyweds get here in Italy on their most current stop throughout Spencer’s long journey house. With time to eliminate, they expect a peaceful minute of reprieve. However, Spencer and Alex are disrupted by the brand-new bride-to-be’s ex-fiancee. His unfavorable look will include considerable drama in the 1923 season ending.

Alex’s ex-fiancee’s arrival in Italy, reuniting with the lady he believed he would invest the rest of his life, might lead to dispute that might bring him to blows withSpencer With 1923 season 1 ending streaming Sunday on Paramount+, audiences do not need to wait a lot longer for the significant conclusion of the hit Yellowstone season and how it establishes season 2.

Source: The Official Yellowstone Podcast