Warning: The following includes SPOILERS for The Flash season 9 premiere.The premiere episode of The Flash season 9 exposes a variety of fascinating truths relating to the future timeline of the Arrowverse, especially in regard to the lives of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen Set one week after completion of The Flash season 8, the story of “Wednesday Ever After” discovers the Fastest Man Alive and his better half caught in a time-loop, reliving Wednesday, February 1, 2023 over and over. The factor for this is uncertain till Barry exposes that he has advance understanding of the future which day is predestined to be exceptionally essential to both of them.

Barry describes to Iris that he developed a “map book” based upon what he had actually found out about their lives from talking with their future kids XS and Impulse throughout their journeys to the past, so they might be sure of doing whatever that produced their future. While Iris valued the belief, she felt bitter the concept that their future ought to be set in stone which Barry was getting rid of all the secret about where their lives would take them over the next 3 years. While they eventually choose to take life one day at a time, a number of truths about the future Arrowverse timeline are still exposed.

8 Barry Takes Over The CCPD CSI Division

The Trial of The Flash Review Barry Allen

Upon going back to work, Barry is assailed with what ought to have been the unexpected statement that the existing director of the CCPD CSI group had actually chosen to retire, throughout a conference withCaptain Kristen Kramer Barry fasts to put his name up for the position, having actually been informed that this is how he got the task. However, Captain Kramer had issues that Barry might stabilize the extra obligation with his work asThe Flash Originally, Barry had the ability to encourage Captain Kramer that he might handle both tasks, however she ended up being progressively unwilling to offer him an opportunity as the time loop duplicated and truth broke down.

7 Sue Dearborn Becomes The Richest Woman In The World

Flash Season 7 Sue Dearbon

Debutante turned feline robber Sue Dearborn has actually constantly been depicted as a girl of wealth and taste, however simply how abundant she was had actually never ever been explained. Barry’s map book does not offer an accurate dollar worth to Sue’s stock portfolio, however one page exposes the dazzling Sue Dearbon ends up being the wealthiest lady on Earth-Prime after purchasing the Big Belly Burger chain and requiring them to embrace a plant-based menu in 2024. Amusingly, this had actually been foreshadowed in earlier seasons of The Flash, where the Reverse-Flash had a dependency to Big Belly Burger, regreting that you could not get genuine beef hamburgers in his time due to the fact that cows had actually gone extinct.

6 Cat Grant Tries To Buy CCC Media From Iris

Cat Grant Returning for Supergirl Season 2 Finale

According to Barry’s map book, the primary factor that February 1, 2023 is so essential is that it is the day that Iris is expected to take the initial step in broadening her growing media empire to the nationwide level. Based on what he found out about the future, Barry thought that the driver was Iris accepting a buy-out deal from Supergirl‘s resident media magnateCat Grant However, Iris eventually chooses to go her own method, turning down the proposition to turn CCC Media into a subsidiary of Cat Co Worldwide Media under her control. Instead, Iris chooses to purchase the Coast City Gazette and develop her own nationwide empire to competitor Cat Co.

5 Iris Wins Her First Pulitzer in 2023

Candice Patton as Iris West-Allen on The Flash

It was exposed in The Flash season 5, episode 18, “Godspeed,” that Iris-West Allen ended up being a Pulitzer Prize- winning reporter eventually prior to 2049. Barry’s map book offers more information on how and when this occurs, exposing that Iris wins the Pulitzer Prize in 2023 for a short article entitled “Nightmare Under Red Skies.” This title appears to recommend a coming Crisis prior to completion of The Flash season 9, considered that cosmic crises in DC Comics are usually accompanied by the skies reddening, as in the Crisis On Infinite Earths occasion.

4 Iris Will Win Two Pulitzers Before 2049

Iris West-Allen Actor Candice Patton On The Flash Season 9 Marking The Shows End

Barry’s map book particularly states that Iris will win her very first Pulitzer Prize in 2023. This recommends that she will go on to win more than one Pulitzer Prize throughout her profession. Barry verifies this reality later on, particularly mentioning that Iris is going to win 2 Pulitzer Prizes for Journalism, as he explains all the advantages the future has in shop for them. This puts Iris in an elite group, signing up with Jimmy Olsen and Kara Danvers as Pulitzer Prize- winning reporters in the Earth-Prime Arrowverse

3 Iris Will Get Pregnant With XS In 2023

Iris and Nora West-Allen The Flash season 5 episode 5

Nora West-Allen (aka XS) never ever provided an accurate date of birth for herself when she took a trip back in time to fulfill her moms and dads. However, the year of her birth was quickly identified following The Flash season 7 episode “Heart of the Matter, Part 1,” where, in the Arrowverse future of 2049, Nora stated she would be turning 30 in 4 years. This implies that Nora was born at some point in 2023. Barry Allen verifies this, informing Iris on February 1, 2023, that they are going to learn she is pregnant with Nora “in three months.” This verifies that Nora will be born at some point prior to completion of the year.

2 Barry Didn’t Beat The New Captain Boomerang In Their First Encounter

The Flash Season 9 Captain Boomerang

The action of The Flash season 9 premiere pits The Flash versus a brand-new Captain Boomerang, Owen Mercer, as he takes the parts for a portable particle accelerator fromKord Industries When Mercer makes his escape utilizing sophisticated teleportation innovation, Barry is remarkably indifferent relating to the bad guy’s trip, informing the rest of Team Flash that they can stress over him tomorrow. Barry’s nonplused mindset is later on described by the discovery that the map book informed him he would not capture The Flash season 9 bad guy throughout their very first encounter, so he didn’t feel the requirement to stress over him getting away because supposedly no one got eliminated throughout the burglary.

1 Barry And Iris Will Move Into Their Childhood Home

Barry and Iris smiling in The Flash

After Barry and Iris have a battle relating to the map book, Barry gos to Joe West and Cecile Horton at Joe’s house and reveals them the book. Joe browses the book and is amazed by an entry mentioning that Barry and Iris will move into his home in a couple of years. While the occasions of The Flash season 9 premiere eventually lead Barry to ruin the map book and wait on the future to come about naturally, this forecast might still come to life. Joe reveals his intent to move from Central City near the episode’s end, which might result in Barry and Iris returning into their youth house.

The Flash season 9 continues Wednesdays on The CW.