Warning: Contains SPOILERS for the Succession season 4 finale!

A TikTok user had the ability to anticipate who would be at the helm of Waystar at the end of Succession‘s extremely expected series finale using one basic tip hidden in plain sight. Succession premiered in 2018 and has actually gone on to turn into one of the most seriously well-known and precious tv programs of its period, having actually won 13 Emmy Awards and 5 Golden Globes throughout its 4-season run. However, while there is definitely need, there are presently no prepare for season 5 of Succession.

One TikToker, NameBerry, had the ability to effectively anticipate that Logan’s follower would be Tom Wambsgans using absolutely nothing however the character’s surname. Check out the video below:

The TikTok mentions that uncommon surnames generally serve a particular function in a television program. The video thinks that the name Wambsgans might originate from expert baseball gamer Bill Wambsgans who played from 1914-1926. Wambsgans is well-known for finishing the only unassisted triple play in World Series history, getting 3 gamers. The TikTok properly anticipates that Wambsgans would triumph over the 3 Roy brother or sisters.

Why Tom Ended Succession As Waystar CEO

Tom Wambsgans on his phone at a party in Succession

Tom Wambsgans eventually winning the video game was not one of the more popular theories prior to the finale, however according to Succession developer Jesse Armstrong, Tom had actually been blessed in his mind for “quite a while.” Armstrong described that although Tom is not the most enforcing or effective person, he represented the kind of deceptive business operator that handles to make themselves helpful to individuals with genuine power, therefore increasing their own power also.

Tom’s flexible loyalties caused friction between him and his wife, Shiv Roy, however they were also the reason he was able to rise up in the company so quickly and stay there even after the death of his most effective supporter, Logan Roy. Lukas Matsson offered Tom the job as CEO of Waystar not because he thinks Tom is smart and capable, but rather because he knows Tom doesn’t have any true desire to fight for power and would instead serve as a reliable figurehead who follows marching orders.

Shiv’s decision to torpedo the siblings’ plans by voting for the GoJo deal and therefore removing any chance of the Roys maintaining control of their father’s business was partially driven by an infantile desire to keep her brother from having what she couldn’t. Another factor in crowning Tom was that during their big blowout about the vote, Kendall, Roman, and Shiv all demonstrated why they were ill-suited for the top task: irregular habits, passiveness, and an inflated sense of self-respect.

Source: NameBerry/TikTok