When Megan Fox’s Jennifer’s Body was launched in 2009, the movie primarily got unfavorable feedback from critics and audiences alike. The movie was commonly slammed at the time, and to be on the getting end of those criticisms, Adam Brody didn’t heat up to the extreme remarks. The star, who played Nikolai Wolf in the movie along with Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried, has actually had a difficult time taking in these relentless responses.

Over a years considering that the movie was launched, Adam Brody lastly had the guts to speak out about the extreme remarks the movie got. The star seemed like a punching bag reading those vicious remarks. He stated to Independent UK, “To have it receive such tepid reviews – and in a way, to be a punching bag – felt s***ty. It wasn’t my movie, so I didn’t take the brunt of it, but it still felt a little unjust.”

Thankfully, the stars of the movie were vindicated, Brody consisted of, after the movie was reviewed and even ended up being a cult classic. However, Brody thinks that part of the factor the movie suffered was that it targeted the incorrect crowd. In addition, the star believes that the movie stopped working in the marketing element with the use of Megan Fox’s body in the movie’s poster.

The star stated, “[The marketing] couldn’t have missed the mark harder… The film was a marketing person’s dream, and then to see them do that…” The star referenced the movie’s poster where Megan Fox used a hot skirt and high heels. He even more slammed it and stated, “It’s not even anything she wears in the movie.”

Adam Brody Thinks They Should Have Capitalized on the Merits of Everyone Involved in The Film


Adam Brody believes that individuals dealing with the marketing element of the movie came a cropper in taking advantage of the benefits of everybody associated with the film. For example, utilizing Megan’s body would have been great if it had actually been clear from the get-go what the movie had to do with. The movie was directed by an acclaimed director Karyn Kusama and starred acclaimed starlet Amanda Seyfried, in addition to the Academy Award- winning film writer of the movie. Diablo Cody composed the horror-comedy movie.

With much remorse, the star concluded, “The film was directed by a woman, starring two women, written by that year’s screenwriting Oscar winner, and instead they’re like, ‘Let’s bury all of that. Don’t tell anyone that. This is for people who like Transformers.’”