Screen Rant is delighted to provide an exclusive clip from episode 7 of Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches, premiering Sunday night on AMC and presently offered to stream on AMC+. Having just recently been restored for a 2nd season, the most recent member of AMC’s Immortal Universe follows in the steps of Interview with the Vampire by improving and broadening upon a traditional book from maybe the most prominent supernatural author in history. Mayfair Witches concentrates on an effective household of witches in New Orleans whose connection to a spirit called Lasher is both a true blessing and a curse.

While there are thirteen generations to comb through in the very first book, Mayfair Witches focuses mostly on Rowan (played by The White Lotus star Alexandra Daddario). The awakening of her powers and her very first encounters with different member of the family, Lasher himself, and her Talamasca guide and fan Ciprien (the program’s response to her partner Michael in the books) comprise the bulk of the very firstseason But after ridding herself of the spirit and hence the title of designee in “Transference,” Rowan discovers herself pulled right back into the Mayfair household turmoil when her cousin Tessa goes missing out on.

Will Rowan Rescue Tessa In Mayfair Witches?

madison wolfe as tessa in mayfair witches

In Screen Rant‘s exclusive clip from Mayfair Witches episode 7, appropriately entitled “Tessa,” the household has actually congregated after Jojo had a vision of the more youthful Mayfair in problem. While they seek her out through blood magic, Cortland Mayfair (played by Harry Hamlin) discreetly questions how far Rowan will go to conserve her cousin. If Lasher is not with her, however likewise did not accompany Tessa as prepared, then he should be roaming easily. If so, Rowan might need to call him back to her side in order to assist the woman– regardless of how tough she worked to be devoid of him recently.

Audiences understand Tessa has actually been abducted by a group of self-proclaimed witch hunters, who utilized Deirdre Mayfair’s heart to draw her out. She wept out to Lasher for assistance as her forefather Suzanne when did, even using the locket indicated to bind each designee to the spirit, however he never ever came. It was clear he did not want to leave Rowan’s side, and the present situation might require the cosmetic surgeon’s hand and trigger her to invite him back into her heart.

Even if she does, the concern stays whether Rowan will handle to conserve Tessa’s life, or if it will be far too late. If Lasher wishes to keep his preferred witch pleased, he ought to use a reasonable trade, however he’s currently shown that he wants to do dreadful things and merely claim Rowan desired them to take place. After “Tessa,” just one episode of Mayfair Witches is left prior to fans see where Daddario’s heroine will end up in regards to her household status and supernatural powers.

Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches airs brand-new episodes on Sundays at 9pm on AMC, though they are offered a week early on AMC+.