Community star Alison Brie shares that the upcoming motion picture will not feel genuine till they’re really making it. The comedy is embeded in and around Greendale Community College, where a not likely group of pals have actually formed a study hall. It ran for 6 seasons in between 2009 and 2015, after which point reports of a follow-up motion picture have actually periodically swirled throughout the years. However, it wasn’t till September 2022 that the NBCUniversal streaming service Peacock lastly revealed that they had actually formally gotten the job.

The A.V. Club just recently took a seat with Brie to discuss her brand-new movie Somebody I Used toKnow Inevitably, the subject relied on the approaching Community motion picture, which she states is “allegedly” shooting this summer season, with all the significant returning gamers having actually currently signed on. However, she included that “I’ll believe it when I see it” which till she’s on set it will not seem like it’s actually taking place. Read her complete quote below:

Well, it’s taking place. We’re doing it forPeacock We are apparently shooting it this summer season, is the most that I understand. I saw Joel and Danny recently and I resembled, “Joooooel, where’s the script? What’s the plan?” And he was sort of simply bouncing around. I believe today, it’s simply a matter of everyone’s schedule. Most people have actually all signed on to do it, everybody who remains in remains in, and now everybody is sort of examining their schedules and hoping that we can make it work to shoot it this summer season.

That’s excellent! [But] I state this with a tip of [sighs] I do not trust it! I’m not a skeptic, I do think that the Community motion picture will get made. It’s been offered– to Peacock! But since of whatever we went through on that program … I’ll think it when I see it. It’s not till I’m on set that I’ll resemble, “We’re making it!” In the meantime, I have actually simply been having that anticipatory enjoyment sensation … This is the most enthusiastic any of us have actually remained in a long period of time.

Every Cast Member Confirmed to Return in the Community Movie

Alison Brie as Annie and the cast of Community

As Brie discussed in her quote, initial Community cast members Joel McHale and Danny Pudi are both taking part in the upcoming movie. McHale starred in the series as Jeff Winger, an ironical disgraced attorney who was disbarred for lying about having a degree. Pudi played Abed Nadir, a geek consumed with popular culture who sustained a lot of the series’ most meta minutes.

Also on hand to return is Gillian Jacobs as Britta Perry, a strong activist who has an on-again, off-again relationship withJeff Ken Jeong and Jim Rash are likewise set to return as Greendale team member Se ñor Chang andDean Pelton Although McHale’s Tweet revealing the motion picture indicated that Yvette Nicole Brown and Danny Glover would be repeating their functions as single mama Shirley Bennett and previous football star Troy Barnes, neither has actually been formally validated, though Harmon has actually noted he does not plan on doing the movie withoutGlover

The one cast member who nearly certainly will not be going back to the Community motion picture is Chevy Chase as millionairePierce Hawthorne Chase was crossed out of the series in season 5 and his character was eliminated. While he still might appear in a flashback or dream series, as Harmon has actually suggested he’s not sure about Chase’s return, his on-set habits was the factor for his termination, making it not likely he would be welcomed back.

Source: The A.V. Club