Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz states he would“definitely” be intrigued in repeating the function of smart coach and father-figureDr Dyson Ido in a possible Alita: Battle Angel 2 Asked by Screen Rant whether he would have an interest in reuniting with co-star Rosa Salazar (who aspires to see the follow up pertained to fulfillment) for Alita: Battle Angel 2, Waltz responded …

“Thank you. Yes, if the part is what I would like to do, certainly. Definitely.”

Released back in 2019 and directed by Robert Rodriguez, Alita: Battle Angel is based upon Yukito Kishiro’s manga Gunnm and follows a girl called Alita, a fight cyborg who awakens without any memory of who she remains in a future world she does not acknowledge. She is taken in by Ido, a caring medical professional who understands that someplace in this deserted cyborg shell is the body and soul of a girl with an amazing past.

The initially outing ends with Alita finding who she was, and choosing who she will end up being, stating war on the world’s oppressors and the atrocious autocrat Nova, played in a quick cameo byEdward Norton The story definitely feels incomplete, with fans of the very first Alita: Battle Angel, called the Alita Army, stating a crusade of their own and introducing petitions, viral projects, and more in an effort to see the follow up understood.

James Cameron & & Robert Rodriguez Have Committed to Alita 2 Through a Blood Oath


Christoph Waltz is not the only one excited to see Alita: Battle Angel require to the big screen as soon as again in a follow up. In reality, fellow directors James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez (the previous co-wrote the movie script and produced with the latter directing the very first trip) are so identified to bring the character back that they just recently sword a blood oath. The pact took place throughout a current look on Variety’s director-on-director design interviews, with Cameron thinking there is still a lot more story to be informed.

“For me, it’s a journey of discovery. You set down a path, and you’ve got some vague goals in mind. I just start writing a lot of notes. But you know this, because I gave you 600 pages of notes on “Alita”– about the world and how cyborgs work. I do not understand how valuable any of that was, however that’s my procedure,” Cameron described.

These are simply a number of examples of the sort of appealing updates that Alita: Battle Angel 2 has actually been getting, with manufacturer Jon Landau just recently exposing that discussions are presently happening concerning the additional experiences of the Battle Angel stating, “There’s a little film called Alita: Battle Angel that we would love to circle back and do a sequel to, and been talking to Robert [Rodriguez] about that and hopefully that comes to fruition.”

Until we lastly hear the news Alita: Battle Angel 2 is proceeding, news that would not question see bells sound out throughout the land, Christoph Waltz is plenty hectic. On both the huge and little screens. The Oscar winner is because of as soon as again take part in bad guy responsibilities in The Portable Door, and will lead the Amazon Prime Video office thriller series The Consultant, which is because of debut on February 24, 2023.