Ana de Armas has actually been getting herself a name as something of an action star thanks to her functions in No Time To Die, The Gray Man, and the upcoming John Wick spin-off film,Ballerina However, the starlet has actually described that she does not wish to handle anymore functions like this in the future, as she wishes to focus on more drama-orientated parts. The starlet acquired a great deal of attention playing Marilyn Monroe in the Netflix film Blonde, which is the type of function she wishes to play in the future.

Ballerina is shooting now under the instructions of Len Wiseman and will see de Armas handling the function of an assassin who sets out to get vengeance for her killed household. While this type of violent function has actually ended up being a little a pattern for the Colombian’s current parts, fans ought to most likely take advantage of it as she will not be seen in another action function for a while. She informed Vanity Fair:

“After Bond, there was kind of a wave of all these action roles, and that was fun. I chose from the ones that I thought were more exciting or with people I wanted to work with. I feel like Ballerina is going to be the end of that, at least for now, because I’m craving a wave of Blonde-type films. I want to do work with directors and do character work. I have had the opportunity to meet directors that I want to work with. The people that I’m getting access to is changing, and that makes me very excited.”

Ana de Armas Has Become One of the Most In-Demand Stars in Hollywood

Ana de Armas in Blonde

A reasonably brief time earlier, really couple of individuals had actually become aware of the name Ana de Armas, however thanks to a string of functions, consisting of the scary film Knock, Knock, Knives Out, No Time To Die, and particularly Blonde, the starlet has actually seen her profile increase astronomically. While her functions have actually been heading down a more physical action path, and there are no doubt a lot of studios with scripts waiting on her to handle, de Armas currently meant her love of playing a more “human” function when she discussed bringing Marilyn Monroe to life inBlonde She described the function:

“It was important to find the emotional truth in this character. One of the biggest themes in this movie is the private and public self. Norma Jeane was completely unseen. I wanted to capture the essence of that woman, to find the human underneath. It was a long process studying her and her films, to understand what she was feeling at all times, always thinking that Norma for the most part never thought she could live up to Marilyn. What people thought of her was not at all what she felt like.”

Filming started on Ballerina in November 2022, however there is presently no release date for the film.