There has actually most likely never ever been a lot attention on the Scooby-Doo franchise as there is right now. The just problem, is that none of it is leading to the look of the scaredy-cat dog. While reports have actually continued to distribute of Scooby-Doo– motivated Velma having a 2nd season in advancement, it appears thatWarner Bros Discovery silently deserted another brand-new cartoon animation based upon the franchise late in 2015.

In a look with YouTubers JayBee & & Milly, the storyboard artist behind Scooby-Doo Haunted High-Rise has actually exposed in length how the brand-new animated function was deep in production prior to having the plug pulled, much like Scoob!Holiday Haunt She stated:

“I think the Haunted High Rise was even funnier than the first, because we had the Hex Girls, and new songs, and we pulled out all the stops. We had motorcycle chases throughout the hallways. Joe called me and said, “Has the studio been in touch with you?” And I stated, “No.” I believe this was the start of October, and he stated, “Oh, well somebody should be reaching out to you, I’m afraid it got shelved and it’s a financial decision and I think Warner Bros. is getting a tax credit for shelving it and canceling it, so it’s dead dead dead, I think because of the merger with Discovery.” They simply had a look at whatever that was going to be entering into streaming, whatever that was going to be entering into HBO Max, and simply drew a red line through whatever, determined just how much they invested.

Do you understand, the saddest part is it would’ve cost the very same to shelve it as it would to make it, due to the fact that it was currently lock image and in animation. That was another factor for them doing the 2 motion pictures back-to-back due to the fact that they had an animation studio they might be feeding work to. It appears so unfortunate, given that it’s currently so close, however I do not comprehend the politics or how monetary choices atWarner Bros get made, however I do not believe they’re going to resuscitate this. My manufacturer keeps stating he does not believe it’s going to return to life. But, perhaps, who understands? It was locked image, all discussion, tunes were taped, it was prepared for animation.”

Have WBD Recently Missed the Mark With the Scooby-Doo IP?

The gang with Fred driving the Mystery Machine

On the surface area, and in the eyes of numerous fans of the franchise, WBD have actually done a huge injustice to the 50 year old IP. The ditching of Holiday Haunt, and now Haunted High-Rise, has actually been just worsened by the prospective news– or hazard depending upon your viewpoint– that the greatly slammed series Velma might still be progressing for a 2nd season.

It appears that while the tax write-off season appears to be over for WBD, there might still be a variety of unidentified tasks that were deserted in the latter part of 2022 that are still unidentified. However, in a time of YouTubers and social networks, it is clear that their presence will be made understood eventually.