As the brand-new Captain America, Sam Wilson has some huge shoes to fill as he takes over from Steve Rogers as the American hero. However, one function he might not be entering is that of the leader of the Avengers in the next 2 Avengers motion pictures. While it would be adduced that Captain America would be at the front of the action in The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, it appears like he will simply be among the group instead of leading it.

Anthony Mackie was spoken with by Empire Magazine ahead of his brand-new film We Have A Ghost, however naturally the discussion relied on the star’s upcoming film launching as Captain America in Captain America:New World Order Speaking about the capacity for Sam to step up as the brand-new leader of the Avengers, Mackie stated:

“Sam is the only character without superpowers. He’s just a regular dude hanging out with a bunch of weirdos. Being from New Orleans, I’ve been in a few fights. And heart and charisma never helped me in a fight. That usually just got me beat up. So that might cause an issue when you go fight somebody like Thanos. So, I think with him, he has to come to the stage with a very different understanding of what it is to be a good guy or be a bad guy and what are the decisions that make you toe that line in the way that you did. So, I just see him as more of a humane Cap as opposed to a distinctive judge Cap — [a] Cap of judgment, where this is right and this is wrong. There are decisions that make you choose right or wrong.”

Captain America: New World Order Could See A New Kind of War in the MCU

Sam Wilson as Captain America

Under the period of Steve Rogers, the Captain America name ended up being associated with numerous wars. His initially outing embeded in the middle of a World War, the Avengers- breaking occasions of Civl War and obviously the catastrophicInfinity War When it concerns Anthony Mackie’s turn as the hero, there might be a brand-new war coming that might have implications even more down the line, and lead to the arrival of the brand-new model of a particular X-Men character.

Back in December it was reported that the plot of Captain America: New World Order will present the component of Adamantium to the MCU, the like the one that is an important part of Wolverine’s claws and bones. The report recommended that this component will be found on Tiamat Island, the remains of the Celestial that were left in the middle of the ocean at the end of Eternals and has actually not been mentioned because besides in a fast news article seen in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Also in the mix in the film is Thaddeus Ross, bet the very first time by Harrison Ford making his MCU launching, and The Leader, played when again by Tim Blake Nelson repeating his function from The Incredible Hulk.

Captain America: New World Order will open in theaters on May 3, 2024.