Arrowverse producer Todd Helbing talk about the opportunities of Grant Gustin’s The Flash appearing in a possible Superman & Lois season 4. The Arrowverse is presently set to end with The Flash season 9, with the last season of the series marking the only continuous job in the once-packed Arrowverse. Superman & Lois is not part of the Arrowverse, with season 2 of the series verifying that it follows various variations of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Still, with The Flash quickly pertaining to an end, the series might perhaps open its Arrowverse connections once again, generating the speedster and more.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Helbing teased the opportunities of the Arrowverse making its method onto a possible Superman & Lois season 4. According to the showrunner, there is a larger chance for other Arrowverse heroes in Superman & Lois, as “people’s schedules are a lot easier to work around” with the Arrowverse’s end. Helbing exposed that he “would love to bring Grant on” as The Flash and likewise have Candice Patton’s Iris West meet Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane. While there is a great deal of unpredictability on the renewal status of Superman & Lois season 4, Helbing is open to checking out the Arrowverse. Check out the complete quote below:

“I will say this, it sure is a lot easier now that the other shows aren’t on the air, people’s schedules are a lot easier to work around, so… maybe. I would love to bring Grant on, and I think it would be a lot of fun to have Candice, to have Iris with [Elizabeth Tulloch’s] Lois Lane. So we’ll see.”

How The Flash & Iris Could Appear In Superman & Lois?


New DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn stated that Superman & Lois must go on for a couple more seasons, so if the series winds up getting canceled by The CW due to the network’s restructuring and the significant production expenses of the DC series, the Superman reveal might perhaps discover a brand-new life at Warner Bros. Discovery’s streaming service, Max. If Superman & Lois progresses with a season 4, then that season might effectively wind up being the last one for the series, that makes Arrowverse crossovers most likely.

Superman & Lois not becoming part of the Arrowverse enabled the series to inform its own different stories. The program has a larger budget plan than the Arrowverse’s other series, with first-class VFX and beautiful cinematography. Superman & Lois season 4 being the program’s last would remove the requirement to resolve the Arrowverse if the series needed to progress after a crossover. The possibility of bringing Arrowverse heroes like The Flash to such a various environment is interesting. With Helbing pointing out Barry and Iris as possible looks if Superman & Lois season 4 occurs, there are a number of manner ins which might exercise.

Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen returned throughout The Flash season 9 and let Gustin’s Barry Allen understand that there is a brand-new multiverse after the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Superman & Lois season 4 might utilize the multiverse to generate The Flash and Iris from the Arrowverse for an episode or more, with Barry letting Clark understand about his other variation. Alternately, Superman & Lois season 4 might present its own variations of Barry and Iris, overturning expectations; if it occurs.

Source: Entertainment Weekly