Writer and director Joe Cornish has actually exposed even more information relating to the organized instructions for his and John Boyega’s long-awaited follow up, Attack the Block 2 Speaking with DiscussingFilm, Cornish described that Attack the Block 2 would inform the story of “Moses as a man as opposed to Moses as a boy,” along with exposing the guidelines he has actually set himself for making a deserving follow-up all these years later on.

“My rule for what makes a good sequel is to make a good film. I think what makes a bad sequel is when you’re doing it just to cash in on the first movie and no one can accuse us of doing that. By the time it comes out, it’ll probably be like 15 years later. Make a really good movie and have a story you really want to tell. The story we want to tell has to do with Moses as a man as opposed to Moses as a boy. The time that has passed is integral to the story. We couldn’t have told this story five years ago but we can tell it five years ahead.”

Released in 2011, the very first Attack the Block centers on a teenage street gang led by John Boyega asMoses When predatory alien intruders arrive on their council estate in South London, the gang is required to protect their grass versus these savage alien animals. Together, they need to step up and battle to prosper in their objective and stop the animals from eliminating mankind. Among the alien intrusion, Attack the Block is quite a coming-of-age story for Moses, with Cornish intending to do this once again at a various phase of the character’s life.

“Exactly that, that’s what we want to do. And I’m very lucky that the 18-year-old newcomer [Boyega] is now, you know, a 30-year-old international movie star.”

Joe Cornish Reveals Attack the Block 2 Details Exclusively to MovieWe b

Attack the Block Movie.

While keeping particular things near the chest, Joe Cornish and John Boyega have actually not been shy about exposing particular information relating to a few of the concepts behind Attack the Block 2, with the previous speaking solely to MovieWe b about what we may discover in the follow up.

“I can’t tell you. I mean, we have a really detailed treatment, and we’re just in that space between the treatment and the screenplay,” Cornish explained to MovieWeb’s own Matthew Mahler.. “We’re doing a lot of research, very deeply involved in research at the moment. But I’m not going to say, unfortunately, just yet, because we had so much time to make the first one. Nobody knew who I was, no one was expecting it. So we took our time to make it, and we made sure it was the best, the most thoughtful possible screenplay, and we did a lot of research. So I’m very conscious of making sure I do the same due diligence before I do this movie, so that it has a chance to be as good as it possibly can be. And I might give him a sword, by the way. I’m not saying no. Moses, he might have to have his katana back at some point. We will see.”

Both John Boyega and Joe Cornish have actually wished to see Attack the Block 2 understood for a long time, and the set appear so figured out to make it take place that you must anticipate to see Attack the Block 2 on the big screen any day now.

Cornish’s newest task, the Lockwood & & Co. series, is now streaming on Netflix.