Adult Swim continues its long and storied custom of making animation that stimulates shocks and laughs with Ballmastrz:Rubicon The adult animated unique, which airs at midnight on February 20, acts as a follow up to the occasions of Ballmasterz: 9009 season 2. As tricks from Crayzar’s previous threaten the future of the world, he is confronted with a frightening cosmic problem: grow some balls and bring Team Earth together, or leave mankind to the proverbial intergalactic wolves.

Created by Christy Karacas (Superjail!), Ballmastrz: Rubicon is a must-watch unique for fans of the initialseries With Japan’s STUDIO4 ℃ (Detroit Metal City) in charge of the animation, the story and characters look much better than ever. Speaking of characters, brave leader Gaz Digzy is back in action and she’s still voiced byNatasha Lyonne After exploding in current live-action series such as Russian Doll and Poker Face, it’s just reasonable that Lyonne lovers get the opportunity to hear her sultry tones in animation once again.

Ballmastrz: Rubicon is the Ultimate Battle

BallMastrz Rubicon Special Still

Aside from upgraded animation, the trailer for Ballmastrz: Rubicon provides an earworm of a tune that’s difficult to leave your head and possibly worthwhile of a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure introduction. Promising a joined front in the fight for the mankind, which can just be won by acquiring the cosmic responses the group look for, Caracas is setting the bar (or the ball) high for the brand-new unique. But the war is half-won thanks to the comical genius he currently gave the very first 2 seasons in addition to to Superjail!— not to point out the truth that the initial cast is back for the shenanigans.

That’s right, fans can rejoice at the idea that not just is Natasha Lyonne back as Gaz, however so are Dana Snyder and Dave Willis (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), in addition to Eric Bauza (Looney Tunes Cartoons) and Jessica DiCicco (Adventure Time). As Karacas so enthusiastically described in journalism release, “We got the teams back together, but this time it’s more than a game, it’s the ultimate battle for humanity’s survival!” The science fiction makes sure to have some impressive low and high for Crayzar and the Leptons as all the groups of the video game sign up with forces in what may be their wildest experience yet.

Adult Swim has actually been supplied quality adult animation for over fifteen yeats now, even winning awards and popular culture cache with series such as Rick and Morty andSmiling Friends Fans of Ballmastrz: 9009 need to make certain to keep an eye out for the fellow February unique, KING STAR KING!/!/!/, which gets here one week previously on February 13.

Ballmasterz: Rubicon will premiere on February 20 at midnight on Adult Swim, and it will be readily available the next day on HBO Max and through digital sellers.