The Barney franchise is going to be relaunched and will include a totally makeover for the adorable dinosaur. First appearing in Barney and the Backyard Gang in 1988, Barney has actually considering that ended up being a component in kids’ education for years with his boys, dances, and lessons. Yet, while his tradition stays, the follower program Barney & & Friends went off the air in 2010, leaving the character waiting on the opportunity for a relaunch.

That relaunch has actually lastly come, and Barney has actually gotten an enormous CGI upgrade in preparation. Check it out (by means of Variety) below:

Barney's new CGI look

In the coming years, Barney the Dinosaur will likewise start to extend throughout mediums with Barney appearing in films, television programs, and YouTube material, while Mattel go back to pressing out Barney toys. A brand-new animated series will be premiering in 2024 and focusing on the friendly purple dinosaur.

How Other Children’s Shows Are Being Revived

An animated Winnie the Pooh running on a log

Barney isn’t the only franchise rebounding, as lots of other kids’s programs are being restored as both animated programs and live-action productions. While most are being produced basic kid audiences, Winnie the Pooh has actually been brought to life in a scary motion picture, in which Pooh is far from his huggable self and rather stars as a starving slasher bad guy. Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey has actually ended up being a ticket office success currently, spelling a grim future for mild kids’s franchises.

Of course, not every program is taking the very same path, and lots of are following a comparable course toBarney Animaniacs has actually currently returned for a full-length animated program that is preparing to launch a series- ending season 3 on February 17. 22 years after going off the air, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are still informing kids all over.

Yet Animaniacs isn’t alone, as Tom and Jerry, Rugrats, Gremlins, Reading Rainbow, The Smurfs, and The Snoopy Show have actually all made returns over the last few years. In this case, it’s not a surprise that the program will be returning after the success of the Peacock’s upsetting Barney documentary series, which checks out the history of the huge purple dinosaur. Whatever the future of Barney appears like, the character will be returning and sporting a new appearance along the method.

Source: Variety