Filming for the upcoming Blade Runner tv series could be delayed by a whole year. In 1982, director Ridley Scott utilized Philip K. Dick’s unique Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? as the basis for his science-fiction noir Blade Runner. Although the movie at first got blended evaluations from critics and bombed at package workplace, Blade Runner acquired appeal on house release and has actually because ended up being a revered cult classic. As an outcome, the movie generated a direct follow up Blade Runner 2049, starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, an animated tv series entitled Blade Runner: Black Lotus, and an approaching follow up show, Blade Runner 2099, set for Prime Video.

Per Deadline, Scott’s upcoming Blade Runner follow up show could be delayed by a year. The BBC just recently reported production on the series was set to start in Northern Ireland however has actually because been postponed up until spring 2024. Northern Ireland Screen pointed out the continuous WGA authors’ strike as a considerable factor for the hold-up. Read what the firm stated in a declaration below:

“Northern Ireland Screen is extremely disappointed that Blade Runner 2099 is not going ahead at this time due to the ongoing writers’ strike. The project has been prepping on the ground in Belfast for many months now. The WGA strike has been halting production all over the world and we hope a fair deal is reached soon so crew can get back to work.”

What To Expect From Blade Runner 2099

K looking at someone in Blade Runner 2049

Scott go back to the franchise as executive manufacturer of Blade Runner 2099. Showrunner Silka Luisa of Shining Girls will lead the Prime Video series with assistance from The Leftovers author Tom Spezialy and Blade Runner 2049 co-writer Michael Green. Director Jeremy Podeswa of Game of Thrones and Station Eleven popularity will helm the pilot episode.

Plot information for Blade Runner 2099 have actually been kept firmly under covers. As suggested by the show’s title, Blade Runner 2099 will happen 50 years after the occasions of Blade Runner 2049. With Green worked with as an author for the brand-new series, Blade Runner 2099 might connect straight to the plot of its predecessor movie, possibly fixating Deckard’s child, the future of the Wallace Corporation, or the next development of Replicants.

So far, no casting statements have actually been made relating to Blade Runner 2099. It is not likely Ford would return as Deckard because the character would most likely be too old to be alive. However, with Deckard’s human or replicant origin still up for dispute, it is possible for Ford to make a look.

Source: Deadline