Boardwalk Empire star Michael Shannon reveals disappointment in his character’s arc. The series premiered on HBO back in 2010 and tracked the mob in Atlantic City throughout the Prohibition age, in addition to political figure Enoch “Nucky” Thompson (Steve Buscemi) and his unlawful operations. Shannon appeared throughout all 5 seasons of the program, depicting Nelson Van Alden, a relentless, however explosive federal representative working for the Bureau of Prohibition who hung around on the run, utilizing the name George Mueller.

While the character of Van Alden was popular by audiences, Shannon is exposing that he would have liked to see things end in a different way for him on Boardwalk Empire. The actor discussed his function in a current video for Vanity Fair, and around the 7:32 mark, he shared how he believed Van Alden would ultimately “rise from the ashes.” Although he would have picked that path, Shannon kept in mind that fans appeared material with his character’s general story. Read Shannon’s remarks relating to Van Alden’s arc on Boardwalk Empire below:

What I thought was going to happen was that you were going to see Van Alden fall from grace and then you were going to see him like a phoenix rise from the ashes. It was interesting that that didn’t really happen, what actually ended up being the storyline was that he kept sinking further and further into abject despair and humiliation. I’m not going to lie, I would’ve preferred the first storyline, maybe, but people seemed to be really entertained by watching poor Nelson’s struggle, so who am I to say different?

How Van Alden’s Arc In Boardwalk Empire Concluded

Michael Shannon pointing a gun on Boardwalk Empire

When Van Alden was presented on Boardwalk Empire, he was a puritanical, spiritual male who took his task in the battle versus unlawful alcohol seriously. After setting his sights on Nucky, he was identified to take the political leader down, though his morals would ultimately end up being jeopardized. He eliminated his partner Eric Sebso (Erik Wiener) upon finding his connection to Nucky, and when the relationship with his spouse Rose (Enid Graham) ended up being impacted by his judgment and progressively heated personality, the 2 got separated.

Shannon’s Boardwalk Empire character went on the run following the examination of Sebso’s death, concealing under the identity of George Mueller. The instructions his life entered has actually led some to think Van Alden should have much better when it pertained to his conclusion, due to the fact that he quickly discovered himself working as an enforcer for mobsters, consisting of Al Capone (Stephen Graham). He likewise had 2 kids and remarried, however any possibility there was at restoring things ended when Van Alden was killed.

The character’s last look came near completion of Boardwalk Empire season 5, when he and Eli Thompson (Shea Whigham) were captured attempting to take info from Capone. In a minute of rage, he assaulted the mob employer and exposed his identity prior to getting shot by undercover representative Mike Malone (Louis Cancelmi). An unanticipated exit for Shannon’s Boardwalk Empire character, it is fascinating to consider what other methods his arc might have concluded.

Source: Vanity Fair