A Super Bowl commercial is reuniting Breaking Bad stars Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, andTuco Salamanca While Breaking Bad ended in 2013, it is an awful story that follows a high school instructor having a hard time to endure his life as a drug manufacturer, while likewise experiencing lung cancer. Its spin-off, Better Call Sall, has actually shown that interest in the franchise continues to make it through today.

Yet, while it appeared that the star character Jesse Pinkman stood for the last time in Better Call Saul, Jesse and his buddies are appearing once again for a Super Bowl industrial partnering Breaking Bad and PopCorners. Check it out below:

With Jesse and Walter finding PopCorners, they choose to take the chips to Tuco rather of blue methamphetamine, which most likely will result in less drama down the line. Still, with those 2, drama is still sure to come in this alternate PopCorners universe.

Will Breaking Bad Have Another Spin-Off?

Breaking Bad

Besides the Super Bowl industrial, Breaking Bad is having a peaceful duration after the ending ofBetter Call Saul With no main strategies in the works, there is no chance to understand if the franchise will ever return. Though it has actually shown that it can outlive the death of Walter White, deep space still requires series developer Vince Gilligan, who is presently included with other tasks.

Yet there are still possible opportunities open for checking out the Breaking Bad franchise, even with numerous characters dead. A brand-new program can constantly act as another prequel, like Better Call Saul does, and it can check out a few of the more fascinating characters in the program’s world. For circumstances, Gus Fring, the Chicken Man, might quickly star in a series about his increase to power.

A program checking out the opposite of the law might likewise be a fascinating idea. Breaking Bad items have actually formerly focused around bad guys and corrupt legal representatives, however a program about a corrupt law enforcement officer handling the cartel and other criminal business might be a brand-new angle for deep space. Predicting the next Breaking Bad spin-off isn’t simple, however with the cast reuniting for a Super Bowl industrial, it’s the best time to do it.

Source: PopCorners