Brendan Fraser gets completely sincere about his Golden Globe election for Best Actor inThe Whale Fraser has actually been vocally outspoken versus the Golden Globe Awards and its governing company, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, given that 2018, when he declared the then-HFPA president Philip Berk sexually attacked him at a luncheon in 2003. This year, Fraser was chosen for his very first Golden Globe for his function in the seriously well-known mental drama The Whale, however lost to Austin Butler forElvis Fraser did not go to the award event.

In an interview with Howard Stern’s SiriusXM talk program, Fraser gets honest about his Golden Globe election, stating he never ever asked to be thought about for the award. The star states his election, which has actually been his very first and just acknowledgment by the Golden Globes, appears “cynical,” which the award would not really be significant to him due to the fact that of his history with the HFPA. Rather than an election, if the Golden Globes wished to apologize for their actions, Fraser states they would “issue an apology that made sense” and “share the investigation that they did into me and my family and my friends.” Read Fraser’s complete declaration below:

I discovered myself questioning is this a negative election. I could not actually inform due to the fact that of my history with them which I still have yet to see the arise from their reformation. We all are still waiting for that, to inform you the reality. Get it or do not get it, does not matter. What does matter is that it would indicate absolutely nothing to me. I do not desire it. I didn’t ask to be thought about even, that was presumed. I understand that would upset many individuals for great deals of factors, however …They required me, I didn’t require them. Because it would not be significant to me. Where am I gon na put that hood accessory? What would I finish with that? It’s my battle, nobody else’s, I do not require everybody to stand in uniformity with me. It would be significant– if they wished to apologize– to release an apology that made good sense … that they share the examination that they did into me and my household and my good friends– I never ever saw the outcome of that report. They would not provide it to me, they stated no it’s ours. So whatever remains in it they do not desire me to read it. Instead I was provided a news release that stated it was a joke.

Brendan Fraser’s History With The Golden Globes


In 2018, Fraser dealt with the supposed sexual attack from Berk in clear, open terms, stating the occurrence, in mix with his divorce and the death of his mom, released him into a deep anxiety, which stalled his profession for numerous years. Both Fraser and media outlets have actually hypothesized that his claims resulted in Berk trying to blacklisting the star from Hollywood, likewise affecting his profession. Berk has actually rejected that the sexual attack ever took place, in addition to any tried retaliation versus Fraser.

In reaction to the claims, the HFPA offered a news release mentioning that “ although it was concluded thatMr Berk wrongly touchedMr Fraser, the proof supports that it was planned to be taken as a joke and not as a sexual advance.” Fraser states that the company carried out a thorough examination into the occurrence, including him, his good friends, and his relative. However, the HFPA declined to provide him access to the last report, and he was just ever provided the main news release.

If Fraser’s election for The Whale really was the Golden Globes’ method of attempting to apologize, he has ever ideal to feel upset and disenfranchised by the relocation. While the HFPA confessed that Fraser was the victim of sexual assault by the then-president, the company composed it off as a joke, used no genuine apology, and declined to launch the outcomes of their examination into the occurrence. The star states it finest in his remark: if the Hollywood Foreign Press Association wishes to apologize, a Golden Globes Best Actor election is a quite worthless method to do it.

Source: SiriusXM