Brennan Lee Mulligan goes over connections in between EXU: Calamity and Critical Role’s 3rd campaign. Mulligan was the Dungeon Master for EXU: Calamity set centuries prior to the occasions of Critical Role’s primary projects, checking out the occasions leading up to The Calamity, an apocalyptic occasion that altered the course of Exandria’s history. Campaign 3 caused a catastrophic occasion with the Apogee Solstice and is checking out the fallout.

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant to promote Dimension 20’s brand-new season, The Ravening War, Mulligan shared his enjoyment about the EXU: Calamity Easter egg in a current Critical Role episode. He likewise goes over the implications of EXU: Calamity on Campaign 3, exposing what he and Matt Mercer discussed throughout their preparation for EXU: Calamity. Mulligan likewise teases the bigger cosmological connections, stating a great deal of ties in between Campaign 3 and EXU: Calamity have actually currently entered play. Check out Mulligan’s complete quote and interview below:

Brennan Lee Mulligan: When Laerry’s name turned up, I went, [Gasp]. There’s this terrific minute specifically since the minute is Aabria at the table resembling “Lauren?” It has such a happiness to it. Thinking about the implications and the fallout of Calamity, and how they moved throughout campaign 3. In early discussions about Calamity we were talking through leylines and Apogee Solstice and a lot of the larger cosmological things.

One of the advantages of going that far in the past is that Avalir can have whatever shape it requires to have, since it’s ruined X quantity of centuries prior to the occasions of campaign one. But the cosmological things is extremely pression. Those things have huge world covering, leylines and the moons and all of that things. It’s rather, rather considerable. So I believe that in a great deal of methods, a great deal of that has actually returned into Campaign 3 currently.

How EXU: Calamity Could Play Into Critical Role Campaign 3


Campaign 3 has actually been the most interconnected of Critical Role’s projects, looping components from Campaign 1, Campaign 2, and Exandria Unlimited. Episode 51 saw the Apogee Solstice happened and Ludinus Da’leth enact his objective, exposing he wishes to end the Gods control over Exandria. During his monologue, Da’leth exposed that he has actually been working towards this objective for a thousand years, indicating him enduring the Calamity.

The Calamity altered whatever, ending the Age of Arcana and separating the Gods from Exandria either by banishment or the Divine Gate. A current episode of Critical Role dropped the name Laerryn, Aabria Iyengar’s EXU: Calamity character, and with Da’leth possibly enduring the Calamity, this might be the very first of numerous direct tie-ins. EXU: Calamity just reveals the start of the catastrophic occasion from one group’s viewpoint, however it did reveal the driver that set the occasions in movement. This might be essential to understanding Da’Leth’s inspirations.

The cosmological components that Mulligan recommendations have actually played a huge part in Critical Role’s Campaign 3 from the start. However, EXU: Calamity left a great deal of loose ends, consisting of Cerrit leaving with his kids and the Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere sent out to them by Patia Por’co. Hopefully, the actions taken by those lost in the Calamity might show to be the secret to stopping Da’leth, possibly redeeming them for influencing beginning the Calamity and permitting them to lastly be kept in mind.