Simon Barry, the developer of the canceled Netflix series Warrior Nun, has actually shared an unused scene from the program to thank fans who have actually rallied together in hopes of getting the series restored. Warrior Nun was canceled by Netflix in December 2022, causing an enormous project focused around utilizing “#SaveWarriorNun” to vocalize annoyance for the program staying incomplete. The project has actually seen numerous significant efforts play out in the last couple of months, from those who desire another streaming service to get the series, to signboards that have actually been put around the world to promote for the program’s renewal.

To commemorate “#SaveWarriorNun” reaching 10 million tweets, Warrior Nun developer Simon Barry launched the script for a deleted scene including the lead character, Ava, and her love interest, Beatrice.

The scene happens throughout Warrior Nun season 2, episode 1, right before the set start Ava’s day-to-day training in hopes of beatingAdriel The bed room scene likewise teases Beatrice’s romantic sensations for Ava, a relationship that later on flowers in season 2, episode 8.

Why Warrior Nun Fans Want A Season 3

Beatrice and Ava smiling in Warrior Nun season 2

The unproduced Warrior Nun scene that Barry launched speaks with how Ava and Beatrice’s romantic relationship is among the reasons that numerous fans wish to see the program restored for season 3. Season 2, episode 8 saw Ava and Beatrice kiss, with Ava later on compromising herself to stop Adriel from utilizing the Arc to end up being the most effective being onEarth Ava does not pass away, nevertheless, and rather goes to Reya’s world to recover. However, since time works in a different way in Reya’s measurement, it’s uncertain how Ava and Beatrice will be reunited if Warrior Nun season 3 gets here.

Ava and Beatrice discovering one another once again is meant throughout the program’s last scene when a divinium sword shines blue, signaling Ava’s halo neighbors. Because of this cliffhanger ending, it makes good sense that individuals purchased the program’s budding love would wish to see it get solved. The relationship in between Ava and Beatrice might likewise be more open in Warrior Nun season 3, causing more direct, favorable queer representation in the series.

With Barry himself commemorating #SaveWarriorNun with an unused scene from season 2, the willpower of Warrior Nun fans to eliminate for the program’s future makes certain to be enhanced. With Warrior Nun assistance going global thanks to crowdfunded signboards in London, it appears advocates of the program are simply getting going when it concerns vocalizing their hope that the series can be restored. Given the enthusiasm of the Warrior Nun fandom because its cancelation nearly 2 months earlier, it’s possible that season 3 of the action dream series can still pertain to fulfillment.

Source: Simon Barry/Twitter