Warrior Nun fans marketing to conserve the series after it was cancelled by Netflix have actually taken their efforts worldwide with 3 brand-new signboards. The dream action series was axed by Netflix in December 2022, resulting in huge fan efforts to get the series restored, either at Netflix or with a various streaming service. One crucial element of their project to conserve the program is signboards, one in New York City, and another in Los Angeles, California throughout from Netflix’s head office. Both advertisements show “#SaveWarriorNun” in an effort to get the word out about the series and the battle to wait.

As exposed by a Twitter user called Sarah B, Warrior Nun fans have actually started moneying signboards overseas too, with 3 brand-new ads for the #SaveWarriorNun project set to increase in London in the coming days. One signboard is currently up till March 10, while the other 2 will appear from February 20 through March 18. Check out the information offered the signboards, in addition to a couple of fan actions to the statement, below:

What Warrior Nun Season 3 Could Explore (If It Happens)

Ava from Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 6

The strong fan reaction versus Warrior Nun‘s cancelation highlights how devoted individuals who take pleasure in the program are, and just how much they want to do to attempt and bring the program back to life. Warrior Nun season 2 left numerous doors open, consisting of the growth of Reya’s measurement in future episodes. The last episode sees a mortally-wounded Ava go through the Arc, a website into Reya’s measurement, which appears similar to Christianity’s analysis ofHell With the program’s lead character now in a measurement where time moves faster than on Earth, it’s uncertain if Ava will ever return and how it might happen if she does.

Warrior Nun season 2 was likewise constructing towards a queer relationship in between Ava and Beatrice, a nun within the Order of theCruciform Sword While the set had the ability to admit their love for one another prior to Ava left, the romantic sensations they hold for one another weren’t checked out even more. If Warrior Nun season 3 were to come about, Ava and Beatrice’s relationship might bloom, including a brand-new level of representation to the series.

The devotion of Warrior Nun fans to getting the series restored for a season 3 programs that they desire Ava’s fate exposed, Reya’s measurement checked out, and the lead character’s budding relationship to be broadened upon. With 3 brand-new signboards now all set to spread their message to London, it does not appear like the #SaveWarriorNun project will be over at any time quickly. Warrior Nun fans might simply get their dream of a season 3 a long time in the future.

Source: Sarah B/Twitter