Warrior Nun fans have actually brought the battle to Los Angeles, California, with fans of the cancelled Netflix reveal fulfilling up in front of a signboard they acquired outdoors Netflix’s head office marketing their #SaveWarriorNun project. The signboard was acquired 2 weeks back and put near Netflix’s head office in the hopes the streaming service would reverse their choice to cancel the dream action series back in December 2022. Fans of Warrior Nun have actually been defending the program’s revival because it was very first axed, and their LA signboard is among numerous techniques they have actually utilized in an effort to conserve the series.

In an image published by Sarah on Twitter, fans of Warrior Nun fulfilled up under the #SaveWarriorNun signboard, numerous using matching t-shirts bearing the hashtag.

The tweet likewise flaunts the signboard, which showcases series lead character Ava and the halo in her back, along with a “3” representing the season 3 fans are defending. The signboard is set to stay in LA for another 2 weeks.

Why Warrior Nun Fans Are Still Fighting For Season 3

Mary Ava Warrior Nun

The signboard is LA is not the only signboard that fans of Warrior Nun have actually acquired in an effort to restore the series for a season 3. At the start of February, fans handled to crowdfund a digital signboard in New York City, which will cycle through in Midtown Manhattan every weekend this month. The positioning of numerous signboards highlights Warrior Nun fans’ commitment to conserving a series that they think was cancelled much prematurely.

Warrior Nun is best understood for being an action series that integrates components of dream and utilizes Christianity as a background for the mythos it presents. The program likewise has a variety of strong woman leads, with Ava, Mary, and other members of the Order of the Cruciform Sword forming a group of all-female warriors battling versus ancient evils and devils. Warrior Nun season 2 in specific gathered appreciation thanks to the favorable discussion of a queer relationship in between Ava and her nun-in-armsBeatrice The series having strong, queer female characters combined with an engaging, action-packed story provide to comprehending why Warrior Nun fans desire their program conserved.

While it’s uncertain if Netflix would want to restore the series, some fans have actually been promoting other streaming services like Apple TELEVISION+ to bring Warrior Nun back for season 3. The current fulfill up at #SaveWarriorNun’s LA signboard highlights the strong sensations of Warrior Nun fans who wish to see the program return. Given the length of time their project has actually gone on and without any indication of stopping, it would be not a surprise if Warrior Nun season 3 concerned fulfillment in the future.

Source: Sarah/Twitter