Support for Netflix’s cancelled Warrior Nun continues to remain in the spotlight, as series developer Simon Barry went to a signboard in Los Angeles, California set up by fans of the series who desire the program to get a season 3. The dream action program was cancelled by Netflix in December 2022, triggering strong reactions from Warrior Nun fans, who grieved the loss of a varied and LGBTQ-friendlyseries Some rallied together to raise cash for a signboard in LA throughout from Netflix’s head office, a message to the streaming service that they desire the series rejuvenated.

In a post on Twitter, Barry displays pictures of his check out to the Warrior Nun LA signboard.

In the tweet, Barry applauds fans’ steadfast efforts to get the series he produced restored. His images display the signboard, that includes an enormous 3 on lead character Ava’s back, along with “#SaveWarriorNun” in enormous letters next to her.

Will Warrior Nun Get Renewed For Season 3?

Ava Beatrice Warrior Nun season 2

Barry has actually revealed tremendous assistance for the fans who wish to conserve Warrior Nun, and his check out to the LA signboard is a testimony to his love of individuals defending the program’s future. The LA signboard is not the only one to increase in current weeks, however, with an electronic signboard in New York City set to show a message to “#SaveWarriorNun” in Manhattan every weekend night inFebruary While there is a lot of assistance for Warrior Nun online, the work of real-world methods to attempt and get the series restored programs an extreme love for it by its numerous fans.

However, it’s not likely that Warrior Nun will be gotten by Netflix for a season 3. Comments by co-CEO Ted Sarandos in January highlighted Netflix’s belief that any program they have actually chosen to shelve was unworthy restoring, making the program’s future on the streaming platform suspicious. However, numerous Warrior Nun fans have actually required to searching for a brand-new house for the series, with some urging Apple TELEVISION+ to restore Warrior Nun for a season 3.

Given the popular discourse surrounding Warrior Nun and how determined fans are that the series be restored, it would not be unexpected if the program were to be gotten by another streaming platform in the future. Barry’s current check out to the #SaveWarriorNun LA signboard highlights how the battle to keep the series alive is far from over. It’s most likely that, as fans continue to promote Warrior Nun season 3 both online and in reality, a streaming service that acknowledges the worth of the series will swoop in to wait.

Source: Simon Barry/Twitter