Screen Rant is happy to provide an exclusive clip from a brand-new CBS The Greatest @Home Videos unique, “The Cedys.” The Greatest @Home Videos at first started in 2020 throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. While individuals were separated and tired in the house, they started developing videos utilizing popular social networks apps like TikTo k to share their experiences, get in touch with others, and discover minutes of happiness and escapism. CBS’ The Greatest @Home Videos brings these videos together in one location for the world to value individuals’s imagination, in addition to host Cedric The Entertainer.

The initially season included 10 episodes, while the 2nd had 6, with 2 vacation specials in 2022. Now, Cedric is hosting a brand-new unique, “The Cedys,” which will commemorate a few of the glitziest, funniest, and the majority of heartfelt videos online, shining a light on the best videos online. This brand-new The Greatest @Home Videos unique will air on CBS on February 17 at 8pm ET/PT.

More About The Greatest @Home Videos

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Screen Rant’s exclusive clip from “The Cedys” functions Cedric The Entertainer discussing why the video onscreen captured his attention. The video programs Yolanda Turner, an instructor of more than 25 years, completing in a dance-off with a skilled young trainee. Yolanda thinks every trainee has something to use, a light inside that is worthy of to be highlighted, and she shows some excellent dance relocations. Cedric puts in the time to consult with Yolanda about the video prior to granting her an honorary Cedy.

The unique will consist of a couple of more surprises, consisting of something unique for a grand son and his grandpa, who are big baseballfans Viewers will likewise have the chance to elect their favorite of the videos that Cedric The Entertainer selected. To vote, audiences will have the ability to scan a QR code when it appears onscreen. Voting will be open for audiences in eastern and main time zones.

The Greatest @Home Videos commemorate genuine individuals and developers who have actually headed out of their method to discover minutes of happiness in tough times. Cedric The Entertainer putting in the time to acknowledge these show this brand-new unique is specifically heartfelt as he grants the winners with honoraryCedys The Greatest @Home Videos continues to thrill audiences with funny and heartfelt videos, and in the nick of time for awards season, these creatives will be acknowledged also.

The Greatest @Home Videos unique “The Cedys” will air on CBS today at 8pm ET/PT.