Sylvie Brett’s response to Matt Casey’s proposal in the Chicago Fire season 11 ending may have been spoiled in a brand-new set video. One Chicago’s inaugural program ended the year with perhaps its busiest episode. Firehouse 51 was buzzing with both expert and individual affairs, however absolutely nothing from the Chicago Fire season 11 ending was as pleasing as seeing Casey lastly asking Brett to get wed.

The Chicago Fire season 11 finale left the scene unsolved, conserving Brett’s response for season 12. However, a brand-new behind-the-scenes clip from Kara Killmer may have exposed her response. Check it out below:

Casey was back in Chicago mainly for work factors after Stella Kidd discovered an advancement in the event that they are dealing with. However, unlike his previous go to, he made the most of the time he had back house to likewise repair his love life, which led to the proposal.


Will Brett Really Turn Down Casey’s Chicago Fire Proposal?

Casey and Brett smiling in the Chicago Fire season 11 finale

The last time Casey was back in the Windy City, he selected not to pursue Brett after discovering she was currently seeing another person. When Dylan suddenly broke things off with her following Brett’s choice to embrace an infant in the Chicago Fire season 11 ending, the previous Firehouse 51 captain took the minute and lastly proposed to Brett. Unfortunately, just like numerous other plot lines in One Chicago, consisting of the status of Kidd and Kelly Severide’s marital relationship, audiences will need to wait till next season to discover Brett’s response.

For context, Casey hasn’t pointed out returning to Chicago, although he has actually made it clear he wishes to return house. Meanwhile, Brett hasn’t thought about transferring to Portland with him in case they press through with getting married. Given these elements, it’s hard to anticipate how precisely this arc is going to work out in Chicago Fire season 12. The characters might do another long-distance set-up, however that reverses whatever that they have been through after separating since of their circumstance.

It will be intriguing to see if NBC and Wolf Entertainment’s choice to continue establishing Brett and Casey’s love in Chicago Fire has something to do with Severide’s lack. Taylor Kinney suddenly asked to go on a short-term leave of lack in the middle of season 11, which hindered the program’s prepare for him and Kidd. Considering Jesse Spencer’s restricted participation in the series, nevertheless, there may not be any long-lasting prepare for the couple regardless of Casey’s proposal.

Source: Kara Killmer