The brand-new Chicago Fire season 11 finale trailer recommends that the endgame for Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey is near. It hasn’t been that long considering that Casey’s most current go back to Chicago. While it was primarily for work after he signed up with a job force about watching on possible hazards, he likewise wished to have a discussion with his ex-girlfriend. Nothing came out of their reunion, however that might quickly alter in the Chicago Fire season 11 finale.

Titled “Red Waterfall,” the trailer for Chicago Fire season 11 finale concentrates on Brett and Casey as they reunite, and possibly choose what lies for them in the future. Watch the video thanks to Spoiler TELEVISION below:

For context, Brett is still seeing Dylan — her very first sweetheart after her separation with Casey in the Chicago Fire season 11 premiere. Despite that, it’s clear that she still has sensations for her old flame, so it will not be unexpected they return together.

Why Chicago Fire Season 11 Finale Needs To Bring Casey & Brett Back Together

Brett and Casey dancing in Chicago Fire

Casey’s return will begin the heels of Brett handling an enormous duty as she chooses to embrace a child. While she is still rather anxious about the matter, she appears intent and determined about it. As a natural dad, reuniting with Casey and beginning a domesticity together appears to be the ideal endgame for the couple, particularly after whatever they have actually been through in Chicago Fire season 11.


Rekindling their love should not be tough, considering their continued shared love for each other. The issue is their existing long-distance setup. The couple was simply dating when Casey chose to cross the nation to look after his late good friend’s kids. They attempted making it work, however it simply was too tough, so Brett ended the relationship. Casey confesses to wishing to return to Firehouse 51, which will make returning together much easier for them.

Overall, an active love line is likewise severely required in Chicago Fire season 11. Due to Taylor Kinney’s lack, Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd’s relationship is on the rocks, particularly after it was exposed that he altered strategies without letting his spouse understand. With their future bleak, Casey and Brett returning together might stabilize things out.

Source: Spoiler TELEVISION