Fans are raving about Kim Burgess’ psychological arc in Chicago PD‘s 200th episode. One Chicago’s crime drama commemorated an unusual turning point with an unique getaway that concentrates on the significantly distressedBurgess As seen in previous weeks, the Intelligence investigator has actually been having post-traumatic tension signs as she is haunted by her near-death experience in Chicago PD season 8 ending.

After Chicago PD‘s 200th episode puts Burgess through the wringer, fans can’t assist however sing applauds for the remarkable and extreme getaway. Check a few of the tweetsbelow Check a few of the tweets below:

In the getaway entitled “Trapped,” Burgess is required to challenge her terrible past as she undergoes 2 exceptionally unsafe circumstances while dealing with a case. The episode primarily concentrated on the character, with the remainder of the cast playing supporting functions and Squerciati absolutely made the very best out of her time in the spotlight.

What’s Next In Chicago PD Season 10

After its 200th episode, Chicago PD will continue its banner year. It’s unpredictable if there’s more to the case that Burgess was dealing with in “Trapped,” however there are remaining concerns left hanging that might be reviewed moving on. Chicago PD season 10‘s next episode is entitled “Blood and Honor” and will move the focus to Burgess’ life partner, Adam Ruzek.

Beyond that, audiences can anticipate Jesse Lee Soffer’s Chicago PD return. However, rather of repeating Jay Halstead, the star will be stepping behind the cam, directing an old-school episode that follows Hank Voight on another off-the-books objective. No word yet on whether the star will ever make a cameo in the program following his exit, however the door is constantly open for him to return.

Expect that Chicago PD season 10 will continue its pattern of concentrating on a single investigator per episode moving on. Admittedly, this is a dissentious storytelling technique as it separates Intelligence and leaves some characters with absolutely nothing to do in particular trips. Hopefully, nevertheless, it alters quickly, with the procedural returning to its ensemble roots.

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