Chimney and Maddie have had an off-and-on relationship throughout 9-1-1, however it appears that turbulent bond is just growing more distressed. Their relationship began early in 9-1-1. The 2 ended up being friends from the very first time they satisfied. Unfortunately, terrible experiences and a number of crises have actually required them apart various times. In completion, they constantly handle to get back together, however that does not suggest Chimney is entirely comfy with the plan.

In a freshly launched clip from Fox, Chimney isn’t rather sure if he needs to go through with the proposition. Check out the clip below, through TELEVISION Insider:


After losing his engagement ring — which was covertly in Jee-Yun’s belongings — Chimney gets on the phone with an insurance coverage representative. He continues to question the baffled representative, asking if it might possibly be an indication that the marital relationship isn’t suggested to occur.

Will Chimney Marry Maddie?

Maddie from 9-1-1

Despite having actually currently chosen a ring, Chimney is questioning his option. That, in itself, is sensible, thinking about that Maddie and Chimney took a break in season 5. That isn’t entirely that long back, and it’s easy to understand that it can still weigh on him. Chimney is making a long-lasting choice with this proposition, and he and Maddie have actually been through a lot that hurrying into marital relationship might quickly have ravaging effects.

Everyone in the firehouse is currently conscious that Chimney is preparing to propose. If he continues to have doubts, they might have the ability to stroll him through them much better than a random insurance coverage representative can. They might extremely well mention that Maddie and Chimney are possibly rushing the choice in order to get ahead of their current audit, which might really quickly end up being an issue for 2 individuals who have actually been through a lot throughout 9-1-1.

Regardless of what occurs, the program will have the possibility to check out the implications. While Fox canceled 9-1-1, season 7 will still have the ability to air on ABC, providing Chimney some essential time to analyze his choice. Given just how much Chimney and Maddie go back and forth on their relationship, even if Chimney does not propose instantly, later on episodes of 9-1-1 might still quickly see them review the choice and choose to move forward with the wedding event.

Source: Fox (through TELEVISION Insider)