Creepypasta hits popular song fascination in the brand-new teaser for Swarm, an approaching series from Donald Glover and Atlanta authorJanine Nabers Glover is keeping hectic with a function in theMr & &Mrs Smith tv reboot, in addition to repeating his function as Troy for the highly-anticipated Community film. But because Atlanta ended its run late in 2015, and with the cast and team proceeding to other jobs, there’s been a space in the extremely particular kind of program that the FX program was at its absolute best– a category mashup that was tough to measure and even more difficult to avert from.

When it debuts on March 17 on Prime Video, Swarm will aim to fill that Atlanta space.

With a tagline of “Murder. Sex. Music.” and a story that is referred to as focusing on a “Beyoncé-like figure,” the teaser is simply as noteworthy for basically providing a number of horror-tinged minutes. In among the more noteworthy bits, an individual is seen hopelessly crawling away to conserve his life. In another, an otherwise completely tidy flooring is stained by what seems blood. All the while, one concern repeats and grows a bit more ominous with each utterance: “who’s your favorite artist?”

What’s Swarm About?

Still of Swarm trailer 2

Swarm stars Judas and the Black Messiah star Dominique Fishback as Dre, a girl who is consumed with an imaginary pop star that’s similar to Beyonc é in her output and visual. Diving deep into Dre’s life, the series takes a look at how Dre’s fandom will take her down a dark course. The program likewise stars star Chloe Bailey as Marissa, Dre’s sis, and Damson Idris (Snowfall) as Dre’s partner.

Swarm, which will have its world premiere at the upcoming SXSW celebration, will see Nabers work as showrunner and Glover direct the pilot. In addition to her deal with the program Watchmen, Nabers composed the Atlanta season 3 episode “Sinterklaas is Coming to Town,” among the program’s funniest half-hours.

On the entire, Nabers has actually stated that Swarm is a sis to Atlanta in its tone, including that she took motivation from tv antiheroes like Tony Soprano and Don Draper for the character ofDre Glover mentioned the impacts of Michael Haneke’s The Piano Teacher and Martin Scorsese’s The King ofComedy All of these little information, and the performance history of the creatives, indicate that the Prime Video horror-thriller will be one to view.

Source: Prime Video