Elias Voit might have currently been jailed, however the Criminal Minds: Evolution finale left his fate on a cliffhanger, and showrunner Erica Messer teases its resolution. The BAU has actually effectively removed Sicarius after an extreme last chase that practically got Dave Rossi eliminated. But while Voit is now in custody, he will continue to play a crucial function in the program, offered his understanding of the so-called Gold Star.

At completion of the Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 ending, Voit is put in an interrogation space. Before the program might expose who’s going to question him, the scene cuts to black, leaving a huge remaining concern that will expectedly play in season 2. Luckily, Messer informs TELEVISION Insider that they prepare to fix the cliffhanger early on in the program’s sophomore year, although she is tightlipped about the identity of Voit’s secret interrogator. Read her complete quote below:

“I can’t say right now. We purposefully wanted to leave that cliffhanger feel of who could it be. Is it somebody we’ve never met before? Is it somebody who’s — we’ve never met the director of the FBI, we’ve only met the deputy director. So we have a plan and we hope the plan works, but we also have a lot of backup ideas that we’re talking about right now that we’re all super excited about. That’s our plan. Our plan is Season 17 opens with Voit looking at who walked in the door.”

Who Criminal Minds: Evolution Finale Cliffhanger’s Mystery Person Could Be

Blended image of the Criminal Mind Evolution cast and Voit looking to his side

Messer recommended a couple of prospects for the Criminal Minds: Evolution ending’s secret individual. Given the death of Deputy Director Bailey, it makes good sense that the FBI director ends up being personally associated with the matter. But the truth that the showrunner wants to namedrop the character might be an indicator that her remark is an effort to misdirect the general public.

The secret about Gold Star is anticipated to be a huge part of Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2. While Messer confesses that they have not chosen yet on how it’s going to play out, it’s possible that whoever is conference Voit plans to get to the bottom of it. Otherwise, it’s likewise possible that it’s somebody familiar with who Gold Star truly is and is wanting to strike a handle Voit, so he would keep his mouth shut about it.

However, perhaps the very best method to settle this cliffhanger is if the secret individual ends up being somebody currently familiar. It might be Tyler Greene, considering his ties to Voit and the military, which the term Gold Star is normally connected with. Otherwise, it might likewise be BAU member SSA Matt Simmons due to the very same factor. Whoever it is, finding out the individual’s identity is the primary step towards determining this brand-new secret in Criminal Minds season 2.

Source: TELEVISION Insider