The Criminal Minds: Evolution finale run-through teases Dave Rossi’s dark fate. After weeks of attempting to pursue Sicarius and his partners, the BAU is lastly on the cusp of removing the Seattle- based tech specialist/serial killer. Unfortunately, prior to they can lastly beat him for excellent, Voit has one last huge relocation as he follows Rossi.

Ahead of Criminal Minds: Evolution‘s ending, Paramount+ (through FilmBook) launches a main run-through for the episode. Titled “Dead End,” the trip seems like it will greatly concentrate on the BAU’s most seasoned member as he ends up being captive to Voit as seen in the penultimate episode. Read the complete story quick below:

“With Rossi in Voit’s clutches, he grapples with the limits of his technical know-how and mental strength. As the BAU tightens their grip on Voit, he reveals just how far he’s willing to take his deadly crusade.”

What To Expect From Criminal Minds: Evolution Finale

Kirsten Vangsness and Joe Mantegna next to each other talking in Criminal Minds: Evolution

Unlike the initial Criminal Minds reveal on CBS, Paramount+ permits the BAU to go into a case, which indicates that there will be significant attention dedicated to comprehending the UnSub’s mind– in this circumstances,Voit What’s unexpected is the focus that Criminal Minds: Evolution has actually likewise offered on the profilers. Each among them has its particular mini-arcs, that makes the program more intriguing.

Coming into the Criminal Minds: Evolution ending, it is highly likely that its storytelling will keep this technique. While the run-through recommends that the spotlight will be on Rossi, it might likewise handle Penelope Garcia’s complex love life. Hopefully, there will likewise be brand-new details about Will LaMontagne’s circumstance.

While the hunt for Voit and his network is pertaining to an end, Criminal Minds: Evolution is currently restored for season 2. Not just does it ensure the return of the BAU, however it likewise opens the possibility of seeing missing out on profilers such as Spencer Reid andMatt Simmons Perhaps, their particular returns even get teased in the upcoming ending.

Source: Paramount+ (through FilmBook)