Despite being a dissentious character, Criminal Minds: Evolution showrunner Erica Messer verifies that season 2 will includeTyler Green While the Paramount+ revival of the hit procedural kept its core cast, it likewise presented a couple of brand-new gamers into the brand-new model, consisting ofTyler Played by Ryan-James Hanataka, the character was intrinsic in removing Sicarius, however as the series went on, his function likewise broadened and ended up being more made complex.

The reception to Tyler was at first favorable, however that altered when he began a relationship withPenelope Garcia Aside from being unsuitable because he was product to the BAU’s case, it likewise thwarted her possible love withLuke Alvez However, in spite of parting methods with Garcia, Messer informs Variety that there’s a great chance that Tyler will still appear in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 Read her complete quote below:

“Yes, there’s a very great chance that we will be seeing Tyler. We loved Tyler. We love RJ. We thought that relationship would do exactly what it did this season, but we really liked giving Garcia that messy relationship. We just completely bought that she would break up with him after that betrayal, but that maybe it isn’t over. Maybe this is her person. We want to keep exploring that, so it’s gonna get a little more complicated next year because he’s going to be around still, sort of consulting, and where it gets messy now is Alvez knows about it. So there can be a little bit more of a triangle than we’ve ever really done on the show, in terms of the members being in relationships. It felt like now’s the time to do it. We also didn’t want to deny Garcia and Tyler this bond because it does feel special and real.”

What Tyler Green’s Role Could Be In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2

Tyler wearing an orange jumpsuit in Criminal Minds

The reception to Greene’s character occurred due to the fact that he was utilized in an out of favor story. But even if he broke things off with Garcia does not indicate that the Paramount+ series can’t use him in other methods, specifically considering his background, paired with his previous ties toElias Voit He might have connections to the Gold Star secret for Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2.

Messer did discuss that Garcia and Tyler parting methods might not be completion of their romantic story. Since both came out of the Sicarius ordeal in Criminal Minds: Evolution, she and her authors can revive their relationship progressing. Despite the general public’s dissentious reception to their pairing, mostly due to the fact that of Alvez’s continued craving the BAU’s tech expert, they might still discover a method to spin their possible love into something well-done and popular.

It is most likely that Messer is intending on leaning into the growing love triangle including Tyler, Garcia, andAlvez While it has actually never ever been the focus of its storytelling, the CBS crime drama was still able to include engaging love throughout its run. Alvez and Garcia’s love is validated for Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, anyhow, that makes Tyler’s participation in their future possible.

Source: Variety