Showrunner Erica Messer exposes that even Kirsten Vangsness enjoyed that Penelope Garcia and Tyler Green’s love ended in Criminal Minds:Evolution The BAU went back to the little screen with a brand-new case searching down Elias Voit and his network of UnSubs. While Criminal Minds: Evolution main focus was on the case, the program likewise presented among the greatest surprises of the revival– a love in between Garcia and Tyler.

Admittedly, Garcia and Tyler’s romantic relationship was dissentious. There was some reaction surrounding the BAU’s tech expert getting included with somebody deeply associated with their case. It was likewise out of favor for those rooting for Garcia and Luke Alvez to get together. Ultimately, Criminal Minds: Evolution ended Garcia and Tyler’s affair which exposed Vangsness, as gone over by Messer to EW Read her complete quote below:

You will get to see more of Tyler eventually in theseason I can’t state excessive about it today, however it was among those things that we truly sought advice from Kirsten [Vangsness] about due to the fact that it was a huge betrayal toGarcia And Garcia’s done so much deal with herself considering that 2020, that we stated to Kirsten, “Look, we love RJ. We want to keep Tyler Green around. But it feels a little not like Garcia anymore, to go visit him in the hospital and be like, “It’s fine, we’re great. Let’s keep dating.” That didn’t feel true to who she is now. And so Kirsten was happy that we didn’t go that route and was a huge collaborator on what that scene would sound like. But we all hoped it wasn’t goodbye forever, it was goodbye for now. That’s what we’re counting on for next season: that it was just a goodbye for now and he’ll be back. And then that will bring a complication to — we didn’t really get to play [with it] a lot — the triangle because Alvez, [who] didn’t even find out about [the relationship]. He might have suspected, he suspected for sure in episode eight, but in episode nine when he and Garcia had that scene and he knows for sure, it’s like, “No method!” So now if Tyler Green’s around a lot more, we’ll get to play more of the triangle on the screen.

Can Garcia and Tyler Get Back Together In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2?

Tyler wearing an orange jumpsuit in jail Criminal Minds

Tyler Green might be polarizing, however his go back to Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 has actually currently been validated. Given that, there’s still a possibility that he and Garcia revive their love. Now that Voit remains in custody, there will not be the exact same expert problem if they move on. This implies that Green’s Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 look would permit Messer to totally lean into a love triangle in between him and Alvez, with Garcia in the middle.

However, this might not be the only factor for Green’s continued participation with the BAU. Despite Voit getting jailed at the end of Criminal Minds: Evolution, the program presented a brand-new secret surrounding the so-calledGold Star It’s unpredictable exactly what Gold Star is however Voit, who eliminated Deputy Director Bailey– is the only staying individual who is totally familiar with it. Green might be in some way connected to this fresh puzzle, particularly if Criminal Minds: Evolution‘s Gold Star is linked to the armed force.

Despite Tyler’s validated return, Messer has likewise currently exposed that more of Garcia and Alvez’s love will remain in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2. Season 1 revealed what took place to their devastating very first date, triggering both of them to retreat. But it’s clear that Alvez is still craving her and now that they’re back collaborating once again, possibly a romantic relationship including them can lastly work this time around.

Source: EW