Warning! Spoilers ahead for Criminal Minds Season 16, episode 10.

Criminal Minds: Evolution showrunner Erica Messer exposes Voit will return in season 2 in a Hannibal- like function. After 15 seasons, Criminal Minds returned for a revival on Paramount+ with “Evolution” as a brand-new subtitle. The revival of the popular crime drama drama follows crucial members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit as they try to remove a whole network of serial killers, led byZach Gilford’s Elias Voit

In a current interview with TELEVISION Insider, Messer shares that audiences can anticipate more of Voit in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, which Paramount+ just recently restored. The showrunner exposes that Voit will be a figure not unlike Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs when the program returns, with the killer functioning as an important source of info concerning making use of the expression”Gold Star” Check out Messer’s complete remark below:

“We love Zach [Gilford] so much and we love Elias Voit so much and we love his family. So this season we’re planning on using him almost the way Hannibal Lecter was used in Silence of the Lambs, that we have this brilliant mind, twisted profiler in custody and we don’t wanna talk to him. We don’t feel like we need his help, but because of the Gold Star of it all, we’re gonna need to talk to him a little bit more than we ever thought we would.”

What To Expect In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2

JJ and Luke in Criminal Minds: Evolution.

Criminal Minds: Evolution‘s ending left a variety of concerns remaining when the credits began to roll, implying the next season currently has numerous secrets it will likely reveal. The end of the episode functions Voit in custody, protected in an interrogation space, when a hidden figure unlocks. It’s uncertain whether this strange character challenging Voit is somebody from previous Criminal Minds episodes or if it’s a brand-new figure totally, however season 2 will definitely be exposing their identity.

Another huge secret that Criminal Minds: Evolution leaves hanging is “Gold Star,” an expression that Voit utilizes throughout BAU’s efforts to work out the killer into custody. Interestingly, when Voit utilizes the expression, Bailey (Nicholas D’Agosto) firmly insists that he be the one to talk the killer down, which eventually gets him shot. It’s uncertain just what Gold Star is, however the next season of Criminal Minds: Evolution makes sure to explore this in higher information with Voit now behind bars.

In addition to responding to a variety of concerns that are left hanging, season 2 of Criminal Minds: Evolution will likely include the return of a variety of familiar faces. On top of Gilford returning as Voit, amongst those most likely to return are Joe Mantegna as Rossi, A.J. Cook as Jennifer Jareau, Kristen Vangsness as Penelope Garcia, Josh Stewart as Will LaMontagne Jr., Paget Brewster as Emily Prentis, Nicole Pacent as Rebecca Wilson, and Kiele Sanchez as Sydney Voit, to name a few. Unfortunately, it’s presently uncertain when the next season of Criminal Minds: Evolution is anticipated to launch on Paramount+, however recording is anticipated to begin at some time this year.

Source: TELEVISION Insider