Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 6, Episode 19Deku is sporting a make over in My Hero Academia‘s newest arc, however the one splash of color on his outfit is really the darkest pointer of all.

The My Hero Academia anime is getting in the “Dark Deku” arc, where Midoriya chooses to run mostly alone, cutting himself off from the majority of his old good friends and allies. His brand-new outfit is basically a rough and used variation of his previous one, with the addition of brand-new assistance products to assist handle his power and a little yellow cape around his shoulders. This yellow cape really originated from the hospitalized Gran Torino, who’s no longer in any shape to be combating, and this present represents the passage of a concern onto young Midoriya’s shoulders.

Deku’s Promise Made Real


Gran Torino, obviously, was a pal of All Might’s coach, the Seventh wielder of One for All,Nana Shimura Gran Torino and Nana Shimura had a close relationship, and when Midoriya had the ability to interact with her vestige within One for All, she asked him to provide a message toGran Torino Gran Torino had actually taken rather a pounding throughout the Paranormal Liberation War arc and was hospitalized from his injuries, even after lots of other victims like Endeavor and Bakugo (and Deku himself) were launched. As is exposed in flashback, when Deku gone to Gran Torino, the hero excused leaving the obligation for beating Tomura Shigaraki at his feet. Gran Torino passed the cape over to Deku, informing him not to forget that killing Shigaraki might be the only method.

It’s an extremely symbolic “passing the torch” minute; Gran Torino states himself that he ought to’ve been the one to handle the obligation of killing Shigaraki, however that’s simply not a choice now. Deku, without doubt, wears this mantle of obligation, even if he’s not entirely persuaded that a battle to the death is the only method to win. The cape likewise functions as a sign of his guarantee; by using all of it the time, Deku can not forget what occurred to Gran Torino or his guarantee to continue this mission to beat My Hero Academia’s League of Villains at last. It’s noteworthy that this was apparently the last thing he did prior to triggering on his own, too, as it recommends he understood this concern will be officially passed to him.

Deku, Living Up to Expectations


One of Deku’s greatest difficulties in My Hero Academia has actually been the expectations put upon him by others– his fellow trainees, All Might, his mom, and nowGran Torino It’s a lot to ask of a teenage young boy, and Gran Torino appears to acknowledge that, even as he does it. In a method, these expectations become part of what has actually caused Deku selecting to fly solo; due to the fact that his objective is to be All Might’s follower, he feels he can never ever let anybody down or location anybody in risk, and with a lot heat on him from All for One, even remaining in his area can be unsafe. It’s not surprising that why the young boy went off alone. My Hero Academia is a story about measuring up to those expectations, however, so eventually, he’ll need to recognize that even All Might didn’t do it all alone.

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