The trailer for the new anime Delicious in Dungeon from Studio Trigger has actually simply been launched, providing fans their very first take a look at the food-themed dream series, along with an official release date. Delicious in Dungeon is based upon a manga series of the very same name, which started its run in 2014 and is still continuous. Trigger had actually formerly produced a television commercial for the series in 2019, so fans had actually hoped they would get the series for a complete adjustment ever since.

The anime adjustment was formerly revealed in August 2022, which it would be developed by Studio Trigger, a widely known animation studio in the world of anime accountable for a variety of hits in the previous years, like SSSS.Gridman and Kill la Kill. Now, fans have a new trailer, together with the series’ last release date: January 2024.

Delicious in Dungeon’s Anime Releases in January 2024

Delicious in Dungeon follows the experiences of a celebration of dungeon explorers on a mission to conserve their pal caught at the bottom of the dungeon. However, bringing adequate resources to make it down there alive might be tough… so one celebration member, Laios, recommends they consume the beasts they eliminate on their method down in order to make it through. Laios, nevertheless, has just constantly wished to attempt eating beast meat and has some huge prepare for how finest to prepare it… even if his colleagues are less than delighted by the concept. With such a wacky facility, the series is, obviously, a funny and appears to take heavy motivation from Dungeons and Dragons.

Cooking-themed anime, like the notorious Food Wars, tend to lean into the absurdity of their properties, and Studio Trigger’s Delicious in Dungeon is no exception. The trailer consists of a parody of Pokémon‘s popular slogan in the kind of “Gotta Eat ’em All!”, which is truly all one requires to understand about how major this series is. The characters still need to handle a number of the truths of dungeoneering, however, like preventing traps, beating the beasts, and natural dangers from the environment, suggesting there must still be lots of dream experience to be had along the method. Their biggest opponent, however, will constantly be understanding what that delicious-looking food was truly constructed of.

In a dream anime landscape that has actually consisted of dark series like Goblin Slayer in current years, Delicious in Dungeon simply may be the wacky anime series that fans of dream have actually been awaiting.

Look for Delicious in Dungeon when it launches in January 2024!