In a current discount from Scream VI, fans found out that singer-songwriter Demi Lovato will launch a brand-new initial single for the upcoming movie. Lovato’s brand-new track “Still Alive” will come out onMar 3, a week prior to the extremely expected scary follow up shows up in theaters onMar 10.

The discount includes the upcoming movie’s stars Jenna Ortega (Tara Carpenter) and Melissa Barrera (Sam Carpenter), who presented Demi as a “really special artist” and revealed their enjoyment that Lovato belongs of the upcoming job.

The 45-second discount that @Scream Motion pictures published on Twitter includes a dive scare from Ghostface himself, who crawls up behind Demi and terrifies her simply as she will share her enjoyment. Ghostface then eliminates his mask and exposes that it was Scream VI’s Chad Meeks-Martin (Mason Gooding) who could not wait any longer to fulfillDemi The discount then includes a couple of seconds of the tune. @Ghostface Talks _ on Twitter replied to the promo by stating, “Are you ready to slay with our new theme song, bestie?” leaving fans at the edge of their seats. Watch the brand-new discount below.

Other preview of the movie offered the fans some insight into Ghostface’s experience in New York, however the current discount was an enjoyable surprise for fans of Demi and the franchise. Lovato’s voice and design in popular song completely match the scary franchise’s energy, and the partnership in between the 2 is a plus to both the artist and the movie, however particularly to fans.

Scream: A Classic in the Horror Genre

Scream 6 Official Trailer Ghostface Subway

The scary movie franchise’s very first film came out in 1996 and ended up being a fan preferred in the category since. The franchise consists of 5 other movies than the upcoming one, a television program with 3 seasons, product, and computer game. The series of movies have actually earned over $740 million at the international ticket office. Kevin Williamson, who was an author for the supernatural teenager drama The Vampire Diaries, is the developer of the Scream series and composed the very first film, Scream, in addition, to Scream 2 and Scream 4 Wes Craven directed the very first 4 movies, however Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett co-directed the 5th and 6th movies

The movie, pertaining to movie theaters in March 2023, will take on substantial motion pictures presently in theaters, consisting of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and the current addition to the scary category, M3GAN In less than 3 weeks, see how Scream VI withstands its competitors on the big screen.