Demon Slayer may not be the very first anime series one thinks about when thinking about high school shenanigans, however thanks to its odd brand-new spinoff, now it can be.

Crunchyroll revealed on February 14th that the Demon Slayer spinoff series, “Junior High and High School! Kimetsu Academy Story,” would start streaming on the anime platform instantly. Fans who simply can’t wait on Demon Slayer‘s 3rd season to start should have the ability to tide themselves over with this wacky take on the familiar characters of the series as they deal with a new difficulty: the life of a contemporary Japanese trainee. At present, the series is just offered subtitled, with subtitles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

A Demon Slayer High School AU


Kimetsu Academy Story isn’t a traditional series, however more of a gag series set in what fans typically describe as an “AU” or “Alternate Universe,” a term utilized to explain distinct handles existing characters in brand-new settings in fanfiction and spinoffs. The specific episodes are each just a few minutes long, fixated quick-paced jokes and goofy circumstances, and the series utilizes a streamlined art design, comparable to that of the after-episode sections in the primaryDemon Slayer series While this may appear weird to some fans of the hit series, it’s not the only example of a dark series getting a wacky spinoff. Rock Lee & & His Ninja Pals wandered off far from Naruto’s primarily severe story. Perhaps the most notorious example though is Attack on Titan: Junior High which takes the exceptionally dark series and turns it into a funny.

Now, in Demon Slayer’s high school spin-off, more youthful characters like Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke (without his boar head mask!) and Zenitsu are illustrated as trainees, while older characters such as the Hashira are instructors. Even a few of the one-off devils get to make a look in the series as background characters. The episodes fall under 2 mini “arcs”: the very first “special edition” arc, which lasts 3 episodes, and a Valentine’s Day- themed arc lasting 4 episodes, which was the timely for launching the series on February 14th. A Christmas episode likewise exists however does not seem offered to stream on Crunchyroll at this time.

While no genuine alternative to season 3, Kimetsu Academy Story does deal fans a little bit more time with these cherished characters. And, offered how rough life can be for Demon Slayer‘s heroes, it is good to see them unwind and have a good time for a modification. Fortunately, with the primary Demon Slayer series set to return in April, fans do not require to wait too long to return to the demon-slaying variation of occasions, however for now, why not offer this goofy high school AU a shot?