Dexter: New Blood executive manufacturer, Chris McCarthy, has actually provided an encouraging upgrade for the future of the Dexter follow up, indicating it might not be cancelled permanently. The reveal aired 10 episodes in 2021, 8 years after the initial program ended, and got after the occasions of the commonly panned Dexter ending. Michael C. Hall returned as the titular serial killer, and his boy, Harrison, played by Jack Alcott, likewise acted as the series’ primary focus. An organized 2nd season was just recently cancelled at Showtime in spite of the program’s substantial appeal, in which it ended up being Showtime’s most-watched series of perpetuity.

Wall Street Journal has actually reported on the cancellation of Dexter: New Blood, which likewise accompanies the news that Showtime will be pursuing a Dexter prequel program. Despite the controversial ending of Dexter: New Blood, McCarthy has actually made it recognized that the program has a future which will one day be checked out – unsurprising provided its significant success in viewership – however that the network would initially like to check out the “core ‘Dexter’ story in hopes of getting new fans on board.

Everything We Know About The Future Of The Dexter Franchise

Dexter with a cop in Dexter New Blood

The Dexter: New Blood ending ended with the questionable death of Dexter himself at the hands of his boy, in order to discharge him of the sins of his daddy and permit him to lead a regular life devoid of Dexter’s “Dark Passenger” and his code which had actually shown to be flawed. This ending was probably a lot more badly gotten than Dexter’s season 8 ending. However, the sensible development would be to follow Harrison next, and considered that Showtime has actually kept that there will one day be a follow-up to the follow up, it promises that he would be the primary lead character.

Not much is presently learnt about the future of the Dexter franchise, however there are different opportunities executives might pick to decrease based upon the occasions of the 8 seasons of the initialseries For the prequel, Showtime will apparently be concentrating on the early days of Dexter supporting his “Dark Passenger” and forming a code by which to manage his bloodthirsty prompts with the help of his daddy, Harry Morgan, played by James Remar in the initial program. Harry is currently dead by the start of Dexter, however appears to his boy as a phantom, acting as his “Light Passenger.”

There is likewise prospective to check out the early lives of Dexter’s comprehensive stockpile of bad guys, consisting of the Trinity Killer, who is typically considered among the best tv bad guys of perpetuity. Showtime is apparently likewise checking out the possibility of spinoffs fixated a few of these decadents. For the time being, really little is learnt about these advancements, and though Dexter: New Blood will likely be continued one day, the network appears to be dealing with broadening the Dexter franchise prior to continuing its post-Dexter story.

Source: WSJ