A Dexter spinoff series about the Trinity Killer is supposedly in advancement. Originally airing on Showtime from 2006 to 2013 for 8 seasons, Dexter follows Michael C. Hall as the titular serial killer who just victimizes other killers. Due to frustration with the program’s ending, Dexter: New Blood went back to Showtime in 2021 to offer the precious series an appropriate ending. While Dexter: New Blood season 2 will not be taking place regardless of being the most-watched Showtime series ever, the network (following its merger with Paramount+) is moving on with several prequels, among them concentrating on a young Dexter.

Now, it appears another Dexter prequel series remains in advancement at Showtime/Paramount+. Days after Dexter: New Blood season 2 was canceled in favor of a prequel, The Wall Street Journal reports that the network is likewise checking out different spinoffs based upon the backstories of popular Dexter characters, among them being theTrinity Killer At this time, there are no other information on the advancement of the Trinity Killer spinoff series.

Why The Trinity Killer Is Getting His Own Spinoff Series

Trinity Killer looking at someone in the precinct on Dexter

Played by the six-time Emmy- winner John Lithgow, the Trinity Killer is among the most popular bad guys that Dexter produced. Arthur Mitchell, who based his killings on 3 distressing occasions from his youth, acted as the main villain of Dexter season 4, which is commonly thought about the very best season of the program. Mitchell was eliminated by Dexter at the end of the season, however not prior to Trinity had the ability to eliminate Dexter’s partner Rita (Julie Benz), greatly affecting the remainder of the series and its ultimate revival.

John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer returned for a short flashback throughout Dexter: New Blood episode 7. Now, it appears that lo Arthur Mitchell will be back for his own spinoff, which must explore his distressing youth, consisting of the death of his household, and his course to ending up being the Trinity Killer, among America’s most respected serial killers while living a double life an as simple school instructor, church deacon, and married man. It’s uncertain if Lithgow will go back to repeat his function, though the Trinity Killer prequel will likely choose to modify a more youthful star.

Right now, it appears Showtime/Paramount+ is wanting to continue the Dexter franchise with 2 spinoff series– one for the titular character, and one for theTrinity Killer However, these origin stories may encounter a regular prequel issue given that audiences currently understand how both character arcs end, which in turn may reduce interest in them. From his distressing youth to 3 years of living a double life as a respected serial killer, there must be plenty for the Trinity Killer spinoff to check out.

Source: The Wall Street Journal