Bryce Dixon (James Maslow) is a flourishing Hollywood representative one year into a relationship with his client-turned-girlfriend Madison Belle (Ciara Hanna). Managing an effective relationship in spite of how hectic they are, Bryce means to propose to Madison while visiting her household over the vacations. His strategy becomes chaos when Madison’s sibling Harper (Ali Faulkner) is amazed by an ideal proposition and wedding event from her partner Noah (Tom Connolly), challenging the fans to endure romantic difficulties with the aid of their good friends.

Rounding out the cast in Stars Fell Again are Drew Moerlein, Bill Winkler, Zebedee Row, Johnnie Mack, A.K. Benninghofen, Cecilia Kim, and more. It’s composed by Uyen Le, Robert Windom, and V.W. Scheich, who likewise acted as the director.

Stars Fell Again is presently in theaters and offered on VOD and digital since February 3. In event of its release, we have an exclusive clip to premiere.

Stars Fell Again Exclusive Clip

“Harper’s getting married this weekend… to Noah,” states Madison at the start of the clip as she and Bryce tap dance in a studio. “But they just started dating,” responds Bryce, “All I’m saying is I’m not sure why Noah had to rush.” The 2 continue to tap dance in series while going over. “It’s romantic… what’s wrong with commitment and wanting a future with someone?” she retorts. “Nothing, but the timing has to be right,” describesBryce Madison is plainly getting restless. “Wait… do you think I don’t want that? We’re still talking about Harper and Noah, right?” he asks as the 2 continue to tap dance and doublespeak.

Fans of Maslow can acknowledge him for a variety of jobs prior to Stars Fell Again, consisting of the action-thriller Wolf Hound, gamer-comedy We Need to Talk, or the tvseries Big Time Rush Hanna is likewise identifiable from Pernicious, Power Rangers Megaforce, and The Bold and theBeautiful Stars Fell Again marks their 2nd time sharing the screen together as it’s a follow up to Stars Fell on Alabama.

Stars Fell Again concerns us from Samuel Goldwyn Films.