News that the Fantastic Four film will begin shooting in early 2024 has actually reignited speculation over who will be playing the leads in the very first film of the MCU’s Phase 6. However, according to the film’s director Matt Shakman, there is presently no fact in any of the reported castings circling around on the web today. Instead, Shakman is completing his brand-new Godzilla job and after that will be turning his focus to the arrival of Marvel’s First Family in the MCU.

Shakman just recently spoke with Collider about his huge MCU film, which is among the most awaited motion pictures of Marvel’s present slate. As well as highlighting just how much time the movie would use up for him, he likewise exposed all casting theories in one swoop. He stated:

“You know, I’m still finishing up the Godzilla. We’re in post on that, and have a few more months on that. [Then] Fantastic Four is pretty much my life until Valentine’s Day of 2025. All the casting stuff you see is just rumours. We are early in our process there. We have nothing to announce right now, and certainly, when we do we’ll let you know.”

Of course, even this sort of remark will not stop fans from continuing to recommend their perfect castings for Mister Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch, and The Thing, however whether any of them handle to anticipate the best casting prior to a main statement is made is up for dispute.

Fans Have Already Seen Mister Fantastic In the MCU

Krasinski as Reed Richards Fantastic Four

From the minute the arrival of the Fantastic Four ended up being main, fans wished to see John Krasinski handle the function of Reed Richards, akaMister Fantastic Surprisingly, they have actually currently been offered their dream as the A Quiet Place star looked like a multiverse variation of Mister Fantastic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse ofMadness However, some weren’t pleased with Krasinski’s look, which ended with the character being rapidly dispatched by Scarlet Witch as she cleaned out the Illuminati in among the film’s alternative universes.

While it has actually never ever been validated or rejected that Krasinski will likewise play the function of Reed Richards, numerous other names have actually been tossed into the ring as prospective prospects. These have actually consisted of Adam Driver, Penn Badgley, Diego Luna, and Dev Patel, however with Shakman exposing all those reports, whether any of them are truly in contention for the part is yet to be seen.

There are presently really couple of information offered about the Fantastic Four film besides it will be the very first movie in the last stage of the multiverse legend, and unlike previous Fantastic Four motion pictures will not consist of an origin story for the superheroes. The arrival of the group accompanies the Multiverse Saga’s climax, with Reed Richards having a direct connection to the MCU’s brand-new Big Bad, Kang the Conqueror.

The Fantastic Four is presently arranged to show up in theaters on February 14, 2025.