Danay Garcia, a star of Fear the Walking Dead, describes why the program is concerning an end. A prequel that ultimately concerns overlap with the story of The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead follows the experiences of a single household as they learn a post-apocalyptic wasteland. With walkers around every corner and hazardous human beings all over, Fear the Walking Dead ultimately broadens beyond its preliminary cast to display the truth of the world of the zombie armageddon.

In an Instagram video caught by AMC Plus Europe, Garcia, who plays Luciana Galvez, describes why the program will be concerning an end after season 8.

While The Walking Dead ended with season 11 after 12 years on the air, Fear the Walking Dead is ending earlier. The program is concluding early to make sure that it does not unnecessarily drag out, according toGarcia Check out her quote below:

“One of the funniest questions I get asked is: What happened to Fear the Walking Dead that it’s ending? Nothing happened. What happened is that we’ve been on the air for eight seasons, and we felt like it was a really fun run. Nothing really happened to Fear. It’s just that we’ve been on the air for quite some time, and it’s the time.”

How A Natural Ending Benefits Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead

While there have actually been lots of programs that were canceled without caution, Fear the Walking Dead will have the chance to avoid an uncomfortable ending that may be stuck by cliffhangers. Instead, the cast and team are ending with no significant cause, according to Garcia, which permits a smooth conclusion. Considering that The Walking Dead universe isn’t done yet, a natural ending can make sure goodwill for the franchise moving forward.

The Walking Dead: Dead City, which concentrates on its New York City place, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, and Rick & & Michonne each provide the chance for The Walking Dead to make it through as a franchise. The upcoming The Walking Dead reveals requirement something to develop on, and a natural ending for Fear the Walking Dead pays for that. An organized ending with well-considered conclusions for each character– and possible hooks for future stories– is vital for making sure story circulation in between spin-offs.

While Fear the Walking Dead has actually fallen rather off course by moving to concentrate on Morgan and Strand after losing much of the Clark household, the series still has the chance to use some closure. While nobody will be eliminating the walker risk, as there are still spin-offs to come, the cast and team can both leave the program understanding that they were not quickly canceled, in spite of decreasing scores. As Garcia indicated, Fear the Walking Dead season 8 does not require to overemphasize its welcome to please audiences.

Source: AMC Plus Europe