Warning: The short article includes SPOILERS for Fear the Walking Dead season 8, episode 1.Fear the Walking Dead star Lennie James informs a funny behind-the-scenes story of an accident that made his co-star Kim Dickens make fun of him. James plays Morgan Jones in Fear the Walking Dead, who has actually been the lead character of The Walking Dead spinoff considering that season 4. Season 8, episode 1, “Remember What They Took From You,” sees Morgan, Dickens’ character Madison, and Morgan’s child Mo learning swampland as Morgan attempts to bring Mo back to PADRE.

In a behind-the-scenes interview from The Walking Dead YouTube channel, James details a funny on-set accident he had while shooting Fear the Walking Dead season 8’s overload scenes. Recounting what took place (beginning at 0:27), James explains how he fell throughout shooting, the scenarios triggering Dickens to make fun of him. Check out James’ complete story below:

“We’re in the swamp, and it’s myself, Kim [Dickens], and Zoey [Merchant], who plays Mo. And, you know, she’s smaller than the rest of us, and the water is deeper for her than it is for the rest of us. I say to her, ‘You know. If you get into any trouble, you just reach out and grab a hold of me, and I’ll look after you.’ And they call action, and I take two steps and I fall straight on my a–, right under the water. Kim Dickens just laughed at me.”

Morgan’s Story In Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Explained

Morgan and Madison in Fear the Walking Dead

Morgan’s choice to lead Madison and Mo back to PADRE originates from a scenario within the seven-year time dive in between Fear the Walking Dead seasons 7 and 8. While it’s uncertain what made Morgan choose to sign up with PADRE and have them raise Mo, it appears even Madison was shocked by his turn. Fear the Walking Dead signaling Morgan’s huge modification pertains to graffiti composed on the wall of a home in the overload, showing something bad took place that made Morgan momentarily snap.

Promotional product for Fear the Walking Dead season 8 suggests significant characters like June, Dwight, and Daniel will resist versus PADRE later on in the season. While Morgan has actually aligned himself with PADRE in the meantime, it’s possible he will alter his tune as soon as he sees his pals rebelling versus them. Since PADRE is being established as Fear the Walking Dead‘s villain for the last season, it makes good sense for Morgan to ultimately turn versus them.

James formerly teased that Fear the Walking Dead will end Morgan’s story in The Walking Dead universe, implying he will likely do something significant to assist beat PADRE in season 8. However, with The Walking Dead universe broadening, there’s constantly an opportunity Morgan will return in among the lots of spinoffs coming quickly. For now, however, it appears Morgan’s fate in Fear the Walking Dead is connected to his positioning with PADRE.

Source: The Walking Dead