Following the statement that Frank Grillo has actually been cast as Rick Flag Sr in the DCU’s Creature Commandos animated series, the remainder of the stacked cast have actually now been revealed. While there are some names that come as not a surprise, and some returning gamers to the DCU, there are others who were most likely not as anticipated.

As revealed by Collider, Grillo will be signed up with by Sean Gunn as Weasel and G.I. Robot, Maria Bakalova as Princess Ilana Rostovic, Indira Varma as The Bride, Zoe Chao as Nina Mazursky, Alan Tudyk as Dr. Phosphorus, David Harbour as Eric Frankenstein, Sean Gunn as G.I. Robot, with Steve Agee repeating his function as John Economos.

Of course, James Gunn has actually currently made it clear that these stars will not just be representing the characters in voice functions, however will likewise look like their characters in any live action models that can be found in future. This raises lots of concerns about where the characters might appear with in Gunn’s brand-new DCU story, and there are certainly lots of alternatives with 25 tasks reported to be in numerous phases of advancement.

The Creature Commandos cumulative will be a group who work under the command of Amanda Waller, quite like the Suicide Squad, and obviously Viola Davis is set to make her return as Waller in her own solo series, however there is every possibility that she will likewise have a function to play in the animated series also.

Creature Commandos Will Be A Central Part of The DCU’s Gods And Monsters Story

James Gunn and DCU characters

While there is currently a lot of focus on who will be playing the new interpretations of Superman and Batman in the new DCU, Creature Commandos is a big piece of what Gunn and Peter Safran are planning with their huge undertaking of bringing success back to the comic book franchise. While animated shows never seem to get the same attention as live-action movies and TV shows in the DCU and MCU, Gunn’s plan to ensure that there is continuity across all mediums, with the same actors playing their roles in everything from TV to video games, that could change with Creature Commandos.

For now there is no date known when Creature Commandos will be released on the newly branded Max, but it is one of the projects that Gunn previously said was quite a way along when interacting with fans on Twitter. The group of “monsters” are not one of the best known in the DC canon, but that is something that most likely drew Gunn to the project in the first place. Having brought the Guardians of the Galaxy from relative obscurity to being one of the biggest properties within the Marvel Universe, and already dipped into the Suicide Squad’s cumulative, Creature Commandos could be given the exact same type of treatment in the coming years.

Now, with the cast of the DCU’s 7 part animated program revealed, we can just await the series to get here on Max at some point in the future.