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Fungi Expert Reveals If Last Of Us’ Cordyceps Infection Is Possible

Fungi specialist Paul Stamets weighs in on whether the Cordyceps infection provided in HBO’s The Last of Us might infect human beings in reality.

The Last of Us‘ Cordyceps infection is broken down by a genuine fungis specialist. The video game-based HBO program takes apocalyptic fiction to brand-new heights by portraying an infection triggered by the fungi described as cordyceps, which lowers civilization in incredible style. The very first scene of the series provides a panel of researchers in the 1960s going over the possibility of such an infection, using an air of realism to the program’s scary facility.

Now, mycologist Paul Stamets has actually required to Twitter to offer his take on the traumatic Cordyceps infection provided in the HBO series.

In a ten-part thread, Stamets applauds the series’ usage of fungis as an effective enemy, stating “I applaud the writers for seeing this opportunity to take us on a literary adventure into the realm of sci-fi while exploiting the public’s fascination, fear, and joy of fungi.” The mycologist likewise protected the enigmatic organisms, mentioning “In reality, Fungi offer us today some of the best solutions that are needed for solving many of the existential threats that we face,” while ending up the thread with the rather chilling observation that “Fungi will never be defeated. Our survival depends on a peace treaty with Fungi.” Stamets’ takeaway is that, while The Last of Us’ usage of fungis was well done, the infection provided in the series is not reasonable and will never ever posture a hazard to humankind.

Why The Cordyceps Infection In The Last Of Us Is So Scary

Standing Clicker in HBO's The Last Of Us

The Last of Us’ Cordyceps infection leads the fungis to take control of bodies and manage them, developing an army of contaminated topics as it spreads out from individual to individual. Of course, the concept of losing control of one’s body is constantly scary, however it grows more frightening in the program thanks to the look and habits of the contaminated, which ultimately advance into remote controls. Their aggressive and irregular motions, capability to take advantage of a hive mind due to the tendrils layered throughout the ground and making use of echolocation amps up the scary aspect with a clinical basis to back it, regardless of the unlikelihood of such an occasion in fact taking place.

How Clickers Are Different From Zombies

The Last of Us Episode 2 Clicker and dead body

Though The Last of Us has actually drawn lots of contrasts to popular zombie media, the series provides a completely various monster from the strolling remains that occupy a lot of other sci-fi impressives. There are a couple of resemblances – zombies are likewise frequently provided as the outcome of an around the world infection, as inThe Walking Dead Additionally, zombies are frequently incredibly hard to eliminate unless a headshot is used, and they assault and frequently delight in human beings.

However, The Last of Us makes it clear from the very first scene that, due to the fact that of the medical qualities of fungis, the host of the organism is not able to decay as its body is taken control of, unlike a zombie. While zombies are frequently illustrated as decomposing, sluggish animals, contaminated and remote controls are fast, nimble, and able to interact with one another, and they are even able to develop into powerful bloaters, making them much more harmful than the timeless sci-fi enemy they look like. Luckily, Stamets has actually shown that The Last of Us’ gruesome infection is not something that audiences require to stress over in reality, regardless of the grounded feel of the series.

Source: Paul Stamets


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