Luiz Guzm án teases action for Gomez Adams, total with dancing and a sword battle, in Wednesday season 2. In the very first season, Gomez and Morticia brought Wednesday to their university,Nevermore Academy Wednesday fixed a variety of secrets throughout the season, consisting of cleaning Gome’s name of murder and damaging a centuries old opponent targeting her household. Gomez and Morticia weren’t greatly included in the series, as it followed Wednesday at her brand-new boarding school, however they did appear to drop her off and check out on Parents’ Weekend.

Wednesday was restored for a 2nd season, however information about the story have actually been kept under covers. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant to promote his episode of Poker Face, Guzm án teases what fans can anticipate from Gomez in the 2nd season ofWednesday Guzm án discussed dancing and sword combating in Wednesday next season.

Screen Rant: Are we visiting more of Gomez Addams in Wednesday season 2?

Luiz Guzm án: That’s the strategy. That’s the strategy. I’m going to dance; I’m going to have a sword battle. And there was another thing. I do not understand what it was, however yeah.

What Addams Family Storylines Could We See In Wednesday Season 2?

Jenna Ortega; Luis Guzman; Catherine Zeta Jones; Isaac Ordonez as Addams Family

The initially season of Wednesday presented a variety of Adams relative, consisting of Wednesday’s bro Pugsley, her moms and dads, Uncle Fester, andThing It appears season 2 will even more check out the popular Addams household. Gomez’s abilities as a dancer and swordsman are fascinating indicate discuss, due to the fact that Wednesday herself has actually revealed outstanding capability with a sword and her dance has actually gone viral in and out of universe.

This might show that the brand-new season will dive deeper into the household’s past, possibly revealing Wednesday gaining from her daddy. It might likewise be an effort by Gomez and Morticia to continue enhancing their relationship withWednesday It is possible that the Addams household will wish to remain close after Wednesday was targeted by the Gates household due to their hatred of the Addams household (and of all Outcasts).

This might likewise be an indicator that the 2nd season of Wednesday will move beyond Nevermore Academy, potentially revealing the Addams household house. Gomez and most likely Morticia might end up being more associated with the story, an interesting possibility that might lead Wednesday to more establish her psychic capabilities and expose more about the Addams household. How the occasions of the very first season will alter Wednesday and her understanding of her moms and dads stays to be seen, however there are undoubtedly more of her moms and dads’ tricks delegated reveal.